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Checklist: How to Simplify Security with Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture - Free Download

The four necessary capabilities of a cybersecurity mesh platform



As networks become more complex and distributed, detecting and responding to threats has become increasingly difficult. Addressing this through a “best of breed” or “point product” approach1 has led to security sprawl that complicates management, fragments visibility, and limits the ability of organizations to respond effectively to threats. Case in point, today’s enterprises have deployed an average of 45 security solutions across their networks, making any sort of centralized management nearly impossible. And worse, detecting and responding to a cyber incident requires coordination across all these tools, leading to complex workarounds that must be constantly managed and reconfigured every time a device is upgraded.

The increase in breaches and ransomware is in the news constantly, and as intrusions continue to rise, organizations are looking for solutions. Although zero trust is included as part of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, the top priorities vary.

Legacy standalone “best-of-breed” approaches to cybersecurity have become an outdated crutch for many organizations. Instead, what organizations need to pursue is a “best-of-breed AND integrated” approach, known as a “cybersecurity mesh architecture” (CSMA), to speed and automate response to threats while reducing complexity.

Organizations driving digital acceleration must leverage a broad, integrated, and automated cybersecurity platform as the core foundation of a true CSMA. This ensures that they build robust, scalable, and manageable secured deployments.


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