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Fortinet FortiGate 3700DX
High Performance Data Center Firewall

Fortinet FortiGate 3700DX

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The FortiGate 3700DX high performance, high capacity data center firewall provides exceptional security performance. It is also equipped with additional hardware acceleration for handling unique service provider traffic such as GRE tunneling.

Eliminate Security Bottlenecks

It delivers protection in a compact 3U form factor with high port density that preserves scarce rack space while maximizing capacity. Powered by FortiASICs, the FortiGate 3700DX delivers performance parity for both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic and dramatically increases security performance, enabling you to keep pace with your evolving network.

Flexible Deployment

The FortiGate 3700DX gives you the flexibility to choose the firewall personality that best fits your requirements at the Edge or Core. You can take advantage of the high port density for physical segmentation of your network, as well as the virtual domains (VDOMs) for virtual segmentation.

Performance and Reliability for Service Provider Networks

  • Breakthrough IPv4 to IPv6 firewall performance parity
  • Specialized hardware acceleration for GRE traffic
  • Compact 3U footprint conserves rack space and minimizes energy consumption
  • Freedom to add integrated security technologies (such as IPS, App Control, VPN)
  • Cloud-ready multi-tenant support and APIs for rapid orchestration
  • FortiOS 5 delivers the most complete, battle-tested set of security functions to protect your network and data

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