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Fortinet FortiSwitch-80-POE
High Performance Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switches


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The FortiSwitch-80-POE provides full 15.4 Watts/port of Power over Ethernet (POE) in a cost-effective form factor for the distributed enterprise or small office. This eight-port GbE switch provides 62 Watts of POE power to four devices, the highest in the industry. You can connect wireless access points (such as the FortiAP product family), IP phones (such as the FortiFone product family), and IP cameras to the POE ports. The FortiSwitch-80-POE eliminates the need for additional POE injectors, simplifying your small office network while improving performance. The remaining four GbE ports can accommodate uplink ports as well as additional devices such as printers, and back office equipment.

Rightsize switch deployment

Fortinet's FortiSwitch family of Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) and 10 Gigabit switches delivers outstanding price, performance, and scalability to organizations with diverse operational needs. The FortiSwitch platforms are purpose-built to meet the Ethernet infrastructure and provisioning needs of today's network edge. You can scale up/out your operations performance needs with ease of use and low cost of ownership to meet the demands of bandwidth-intensive applications from small offices to large datacenters.

FortiSwitch-80-PoE Benefits:

  • Delivers convenience and flexibility for smaller networks.
  • Powers any device accepting PoE while reducing deployment costs and supporting uplink connections.

Pricing Notes: