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Fortinet FortiFone-D72 Telephone
Conference phone with a premium HD audio experience

Fortinet FortiFone-D72 Telephone

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FortiFone’s wireless DECT solutions are purpose-built to manage small offices with only a few users or for large businesses spread across multiple floors, covering large areas such as warehouses. These new FortiFone offerings enhance your security with DECT encryption, keeping your conversations secure, while providing clear HD audio and full duplex speakerphone quality with extended wireless freedom.

FortiFone DECT is available in a standalone base station, FON-D71 or the multi-cell base solutions, FON-D72, which provide greater coverage and support for more handsets. Both solutions utilize the FON-D71-H handset providing the same intuitive features and outstanding call quality.

  • Reach up to 50 meters indoors and up to 300 meters outdoors
  • Roam secure with 64-bit DECT encryption 802.1x network access control
  • Experience full-duplex speakerphone quality with enhanced audio features

Key Features

  • Single-base and multi-cell base solutions
  • Same handset for both base solutions
  • Supports up to 100 concurrent calls (requires multiple bases)
  • HD call quality and superb range
  • Full color and multi-language screen
  • Energy-efficient with 30 hours of talk time on a single charge
  • European DECT variants available
  • Simple configuration through autoprovisioning


The FON-D72-M and FON-D72-B work together as a multi-cell DECT solution that benefits a business with a large footprint and multi-floor offices. This solution features:

  • Requires at least one FON-D72-M, FON-D72-B and FON-D71-H
  • Base station manager FON-D72-M supports up to 30 bases
  • Supports up to 8 handsets per base station, up to a maximum of 100 handsets per FON-D72 solution
  • Able to handle up to 100 concurrent calls (requires multiple bases)
  • Indoor range up to 50 meters per base station
  • Outdoor range up to 300 meters per base station
  • Seamless handover and roaming between bases
d72-m to d-72-b



The FON-D72 solution benefits offices with a large area, such as a warehouse and multi-floor buildings that require seamless roaming between bases. This solution consists of a FON-D72-M manager, at least one FON-D72-B base and one FON-D71-H handset. The FON-D72-M acts as a proxy, managing registrations and call distribution between the bases and handsets with the FortiVoice. Each FON-D72-B can handle up to 8 handsets. Additional bases introduced increase the amount of supported handsets, up to a maximum of 100. Up to 30 additional bases can be added which optimizes multi-cell roaming, giving this solution the ability to service handsets over a much larger range than a single-base solution. To get started, you only need 1 manager, 1 base and 1 handset:

  • FON-D72-M
  • FON-D72-B
  • FON-D71-H

Pricing Notes:

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