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Fortinet FortiBridge 2002F Bypass Appliances
Ensuring availability of network resources

Fortinet FortiBridge 2002F Bypass Appliance

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The FortiBridge-2002F appliances ensure mission-critical network continuity by automatically re-routing your network traffic around inline security devices in the event of a power failure or system fault. Operating in transparent mode during normal operation, these appliances automatically bridge network traffic to ensure mission critical network continuity. The FortiBridge-2002F appliance provides four GbE fiber interfaces with LC connectors and four GbE SPF interfaces for fail-to-wire bypass protection.

FortiBridge-2002F Features & Benefits:

  • Maximizes network availability and uptime with fail-to-wire protection for Gigabit Ethernet networks
  • Automatically re-routes traffic in the event of a power outage or event that would cause an inline security device to fail and disrupt availability of the network segment
  • Remote configuration and monitoring allow you to monitor and control the bypass status of network segments remotely
  • Ability to view mode of operation, manually switch the appliance into bypass or normal operation mode, and configure thresholds for automatic bypass fail-to-wire
  • The 1-RU appliance form factor allows you to add bypass functionality to any existing inline security system, including FortiGate consolidated security systems

You are faced with the challenge of securing your network while also ensuring that it is always available. This could mean that you are forced to choose network availability over ensuring that all traffic is inspected for malicious activity. You are already using high availability features of the security infrastructure, where a system fails over to either an active or standby unit. While this can reduce the risk of a network outage and still providing security services, to further reduce the risk of a network outage, additional steps have to be taken. To preserve availability in the event of a power failure or a device malfunction, bypassing the device altogether with a fail-to-wire solution can ensure network continuity at times when security cannot be provided.

FortiBridge in Normal Mode

In normal operation of the FortiBridge, data flows from the Internal ports of the FortiBridge to the Internal port of the FortiGate unit. The traffic flows from the FortiGate unit through the External ports of the FortiBridge unit to the external network.

FortiBridge in Normal Mode

FortiBridge in Bypass Mode

FortiBridge enters Bypass Mode when traffic failure is detected or power loss occurs (zero power fail open). The INT2 and EXT2 ports are directly connected mechanically. Traffic between Internal and External interfaces continues to flow.

FortiBridge in Bypass Mode

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