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HGST CinemaStar C5K1000
2.5-inch Digital Video and Surveillance Storage for 24x7 CE Operation

HGST CinemaStar C5K1000

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1 TB of Storage Capacity for Video Platforms

CinemaStar C5K1000 is the sixth generation 5400 RPM, 2.5-inch digital video hard drive that delivers an enormous 1TB capacity. This standard 9.5mm, two-disk design, also available in 640GB and 750GB models, leverages Advanced Format, which increases the physical sector size on hard drives from 512 bytes to 4096 (4K) bytes to increase drive capacities and improve error correction capabilities. Consult the HGST Advanced Format Technology Brief for more information on using these hard drives. CinemaStar C5K1000 is the first 1TB 2.5-inch CE drive with a 6Gb/s SATA interface and delivers excellent streaming performance. The C5K1000 continues to demonstrate HGST’s ecological leadership with its halogen-free design and power-efficient operation. CinemaStar C5K1000 delivers massive capacity with low power and quiet acoustics to meet the needs of digital video recorders and surveillance systems in an eco-friendly, rugged design.

Designed for Digital Video Solutions

An exceptional blend of audio/visual (AV) features fine tunes the CinemaStar C5K1000 for video storage applications. HGST SmoothStream technology supports the ATA-7 streaming command set, and SCT provides time-limited error recovery and thermal monitoring capabilities. CinemaStar C5K1000 is offered with silentseek acoustics for excellent sound quality. HGST continues to provide near silent operation to make the C5K1000 an ideal choice for home DVR applications and surveillance systems. The CinemaStar C5K1000 is an eco-friendly choice due to its low power consumption and halogen-free production. This sixth generation 2.5-inch CinemaStar drive, with its superior performance, balanced capacity and powermanagement delivers greater design flexibility for next-generation video systems.

Reliability Leadership

CinemaStar C5K1000 elevates hard drive reliability to new levels with an improved protection scheme for power fluctuation and enhanced TFC for improved error rates. HGST offers customers system design and integration services including, but not limited to hard drive selection, optimization, software compatibility assessment, performance profiling, problem analysis and reliability consultation. Team HGST is ready to help you deliver a successful video device. The HGST CinemaStar product line is optimized for video applications on any size system.

HGST Quality and Service

HGST’s mobile hard drives are designed to the highest quality standards and contain field-proven components. HGST provides worldwide technical support and integration services to enable global customers to bring their products to market quickly.