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Fortinet FortiGuard AI-Powered Security Services

FortiGuard AI-powered Security Services counter threats in real-time with AI-powered, coordinated protection across your entire attack surface.


FortiGuard AI-Powered Security Services integrate with security solutions across Fortinet's broad portfolio to provide market-leading security capabilities that protect applications, content, web traffic, devices, and users located anywhere. Go to the FortiGate Bundles page to learn more about purchasing the AI-Powered Security Services.

Top-rated, Integrated Protection

Our experts develop and utilize leading-edge machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to provide timely and consistently top-rated protection and actionable threat intelligence. This enables IT and security teams to better secure their organizations.

FortiGuard Labs is the driving force behind FortiGuard AI-powered Security Services. The services counter threats in real time with ML-powered, coordinated protection. They are natively integrated into the Fortinet Security Fabric, enabling fast detection and enforcement across the entire attack surface.

FortiGuard Services Portfolio

Application Security

FortiGuard application security services protect, monitor, and optimize application performance and usage.

Content Security

FortiGuard content security services help protect against file-based attacks while also helping meet compliance requirements.

Device Security

FortiGuard device security services offer advanced capabilities to monitor and protect IT, IoT, and OT devices and applications.

NOC/SOC Security

FortiGuard NOC/SOC security services enable faster identification, containment, and response to attacks.

Web Security

FortiGuard web security services are optimized to monitor and protect data and applications against web-based attack tactics.


The FortiGuard MDR (Managed Detection and Response) Service provides 24x7 monitoring of alerts and threats, for users of FortiEDR and FortiXDR.


FortiGuard SOC-as-a-Service blends Fortinet SOC technologies, vast experience, & analyst domain expertise to supplement your SOC.

Incident Response Services

FortiGuard Incident Response Services deliver critical services before, during, and after a security incident.

Incident Readiness Services

FortiGuard Labs experts help with customized plans covering IR readiness, playbook development, and tabletop exercises.

Cybersecurity Assessments &

FortiGuard Labs experts offer a rich portfolio of SOC readiness evaluation, tabletop training, and playbook development.

Applied Intelligence and Security Expertise

FortiGuard Labs applies deep visibility, insights, and expertise to the development and ongoing enhancement of FortiGuard AI-powered Security Services, a robust set of best-of-breed security capabilities integrated into Fortinet solutions.

Accelerated, Coordinated Protection

FortiGuard AI-powered Security Services enable faster, coordinated prevention, detection, and response in real time across organizations’ broader security infrastructure.

Real-Time Threat Intelligence

FortiGuard services are constantly updated with the latest threat intelligence based on: research by FortiGuard Labs experts, global visibility into the threat landscape, telemetry from across Fortinet’s broad sensor base, and zero-day discoveries. This delivers heightened efficacy against even the most complex cyberthreats.

Proven ML and AI

FortiGuard services apply a unique combination of local learning and static analysis to identify anomalies. This is locally augmented by rapid intelligence based on AI and ML-models on large-scale cloud-driven data lakes.

Features and Benefits

For more than a decade, Fortinet has protected OT environments in critical infrastructure sectors such as energy, defense, manufacturing, food, and transportation. By designing security into complex infrastructure via the Fortinet Security Fabric, organizations have an efficient, non-disruptive way to ensure that the OT environment is protected and compliant.

Purpose-Built OT Solutions

Industrial-grade firewalls, switches, and access points leverage important features and capabilities rated for outdoor use. These features include: dual power supplies with heat sinks, redundant power supplies, and the ability to be mounted on DIN rails. Many products such as FortiSandbox and FortiDeceptor have OT-specific features. FortiEDR can be deployed in a hybrid environment, and deception can mimic HMIs and PLCs.

Specialized OT Threat Intelligence

Fortinet monitors over 70 OT protocols and 500 signatures of known vulnerabilities in OT environments. Dedicated threat intelligence provides an effective way to protect your organization from today’s sophisticated OT-specific threats.

Dedicated OT-Experienced Team

Fortinet’s industrial expertise brings validated support for the unique cybersecurity needs of industries like oil and gas, transportation, energy, power and utilities, and manufacturing. This extends to strategic partnerships with industrial-automation-control vendors. Our dedicated OT professionals bring a combined 100+ years of direct OT experience.

Broad, Integrated Ecosystem

Fortinet’s open ecosystem approach extends the benefits of the Security Fabric to unique OT Fabric-Ready Partner solutions through Fortinet-developed Fabric Connectors, and to other partner solutions through Fabric APIs and DevOps tools. This provides industrial organizations the ability to integrate industrial solutions with the Security Fabric to attain advanced end-to-end security across their infrastructures.

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