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Fortinet FortiVoice Gateway GS16
2 x 10/100 ports, 16 x FXO voice gateway

Fortinet FortiVoice Gateway GS16

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The FortiVoice Gateway works in conjunction with your FortiVoice phone system to expand the resources and connect different line types to the system. The gateways are supported on the FortiVoice Enterprise systems, FVE-100E and larger.

The FortiVoice Gateway solution provides ease of support for additional phone lines or analog extensions. The compact design and simple configuration makes growing your network a snap, and with the stackable design you can add as many gateways as you need now or later on as you grow. Gateways can be installed locally or remotely to provide scalable solutions for on-premises networks or centralized deployments.


  • Compact design
  • Simple configuration
  • Dual LANs

Features & Benefits:

Compact Design
The compact design of the gateways allows additional devices to be connected on the network.

Dual LANs
With dual network connections, it ensures devices will always be available even if a network connection goes down.

Easy Connections
Using standard RJ-11 connections makes it easy to plug lines or cables.

Ease of Configuration
Simplified and centralized configuration through FortiVoice web management.

Secure Audio
With SRTP, all calls are encrypted for maximum security.

PRI (T1/E1)
Supports both PRI T1, PRI E1 and R2 protocols in both single and dual port configurations.

Supports standard incoming PSTN lines incorporating regional and country dial plans.

Supports standard analog phones or fax machines allowing you to use your current hardware with newer technology.

Caller ID
Supports Bellcore, ETSI and DTMF Caller ID formats.

Fax / T.38
Supports T.38 for faxing over IP.


FortiVoice Gateway GO16 Rear View

  1. 1x USB Port
  2. 16x Analog Extensions (FXS)
  3. 1x Console Port
  4. 2x Network Interface Cards (RJ45)
FortiVoice Gateway GO08 FortiVoice Gateway GS16
Hardware Specifications
Traditional Telephone Lines (FXO) 8
Analog Extensions (FXS) 16
PRI (T1/E1)
Network Interface Cards (RJ45) 2 2
Hardware Form Factor Desktop Desktop
Height x Width x Length (inches) 1.13 x 4.55 x 6.75 1.38 x 6.10 x 13.6
Height x Width x Length (mm) 29 x 116 x 172 35 x 155 x 345
Weight 1.4 lbs (0.61 kg) 2.0 lbs (0.91 kg)
Advanced Network Features
Voice QoS
802.1 Q VLAN
SIP over TLS
Fax over VoIP
Command Line Interface
Web Interface
Codecs G.711 u-law/A-law, G.729a, G.722, G.726
DTMF Inband, RFC2883, SIP info


Download the Fortinet FortiVoice Gateway Data Sheet (PDF).

Pricing Notes:

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