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Fortinet FortiRecorder 100D
IP-based Video Security

Fortinet FortiRecorder 100D

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Solving Surveillance

FortiRecorders solve your surveillance problems while streamlining the user experience. Place cameras to cover your entry points and critical areas such as Point of Sale terminals, warehouses, public areas and loading docks. Configure FortiRecorder for continuous or motion-based recording (or both). Alarms and notifications keep you aware of what's going on. An event timeline lets you find and review motion events quickly and easily. The cameras are powered using Power over Ethernet (PoE), eliminating the need for AC power. Video security becomes an extension of your network.

Motion Detection with Snapshot Notifications

What's the most annoying issue with alarm systems? For many, it's false alarms. The alarm company called, and now you have to decide whether the alarm is legitimate. Did the cleaners forget to disarm the alarm or are thieves cleaning out your office? FortiRecorder sends a snapshot notification email to your smartphone or other device with images from the motion event. You immediately see what's going on without having to log in to a dedicated app or navigate any menus.

The Power to See Everything: the Complete Video Security Solution

Combined with FortiCameras, the FortiRecorder NVRs give you everything you need for complete facility video security.

  • Scheduled and manual recording
  • Motion detection and continuous recordings
  • Snapshot notifications and alerts
  • Web-based interface (no software installation required)
  • Camera live view and video playback
  • Event monitor with timeline
  • RADIUS, LDAP, SNMP and remote data storage support for flexible network integration
Key Features & Benefits
Archive video to remote storage device Extend recording capacity through network-attached storage. Archived files can be seamlessly accessed for playback from local or remote storage using the FortiRecorder web interface.
Multiple network interfaces Multiple gigabit network interfaces give you flexible configuration options and allow you to implement dedicated camera networks, providing increased security and performance.
Viewer, operator and administrator access profiles Separating user groups provides improved security. Administrators have full access while operators can't change the configuration, delete video files or disable cameras. Operators can be assigned access to specific camera groups. Viewers can only monitor camera live views.

Pricing Notes:

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FortiRecorder 100D FortiCare Premium Support
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