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Fortinet Fortiguard Security Services
Applied Security Intelligence

FortiGuard Security Services is a suite of market-leading, AI-enabled security capabilities providing application Content, Web, Device, and User security that continuously assesses the risks and automatically adjusts the Fortinet Security Fabric and ecosystem. It provides coordinated and consistent real-time defense for the latest attacks across network endpoints and clouds.

FortiGuard Services and Bundles

FortiGuard Labs delivers a number of security intelligence services to augment your core security component. You can easily optimize the protection capabilities of your security solution by either selecting individual services or logical security and support service bundles, like our Enterprise Bundle, which offers greater flexibility and savings.

FortiGate Hardware and VM

SD-WAN and ZTNA capabilities are made available with FortiOS on all FortiGates.

  Individual Bundle
FortiGuard Security Services A La Carte Enterprise SMB1 UTP ATP
Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)
Mobile Malware
FortiGate Cloud Sandbox
Outbreak Prevention
Web Security  
Web and Content Filtering  
Secure DNS Filtering  
Video Filtering  
IoT Query Service      
OT Protocols Signature Service      
NOC Services
FortiGate Cloud (SMB Logging and Cloud Management)      
FortiManager Cloud2        
Security Fabric Rating and Compliance Monitoring      
FortiConverter Service      
SD-WAN Bandwidth Monitoring        
SOC Services
FortiCloud SOCaaS (managed service)        
FortiCare Support Services
Web, Chat, and Telephone
1-hour Response Time SLA
Base Services (included with all FortiCare support contracts)
Application Control
Geo IP Updates
Device/OS Detection
IoT Mac Database
Trusted Certificate Database
Internet Service (SaaS) Database
DDNS (v4/v6)
Important Add-ons
FortiDeploy Add-on (1 unit per P.O. to route all FortiGates for zero-touch provisioning)
FortiCloud Premium Add-on (required to deploy base VMs for FortiManager Cloud and FortiAnalyzer Cloud)
FortiAnalyzer Cloud Storage top-up Top up as needed using central FortiCloud account add-on

1 SMB Bundle is available for FortiGate 80F-series and below.
2 Requires FortiCloud Premium to deploy the base FortiManager Cloud.

Why FortiGuard


You can only protect against what you see, and in places that you can influence the enforcement in real time. Fortinet closes the security gaps.

Be everywhere. Coordinated and consistent security detection and response across the attack surface and cycle with the largest portfolio of products supporting hybrid models of hardware, software, and as-a-service.

Impact everything. The largest technology and threat intelligence ecosystem with native and API-based integration.

Quality of the analysis

AI and analytics systems are only as good as the inputs and training that go into them. We deliver credible security analysis results based on a unified dataset.

Trainers matters. Fortinet AI is trained by one of the largest and most experienced security research organizations in the industry—FortiGuard Labs.

Data matters. Fortinet AI is trained on one of the largest and most diverse datasets in the industry, spanning intelligence from endpoints, networks, and clouds.

Scale matters. Fortinet platform ingests and analyzes more than 100 billion events every day, on average, to deliver over 1 billion security updates daily across the Fortinet Security Fabric and ecosystem.

Community matters. Fortinet see and protect you against millions of events from our global fabric deployments and from our partners, preventing a “second” Patient Zero for community known threats.

Time to protection for newly discovered threats

You can only break the attack sequence if you can update your security posture, in time. Fortinet delivers coordinated and automated protection in near real time.

Break the sequence. Fortinet generates in near real time a holistic set of new protection for all relevant security technologies, enabling coordinated enforcement that is tailored for the attack sequence.

Have the reach. Fortinet automatically distributes the newly created protections, adjusting the Fortinet Security Fabric and ecosystem with coordinated market-leading defense.

Empower. Fortinet continually invests in advanced SOC and NOC tools, training, and capabilities, making sure that your teams are set for success.


Faster time to activation is key in supporting the pace of digital innovation. Fortinet delivers easy to choose, attach, and consume high-performing security.

Operation. Mix and match security capabilities to fit your diverse set of use cases across the organization, attaching them to the desired product across HW, VM, and as-a-service models. Rest assured that they are all designed from the ground up to work together in synergy. Leverage our Fabric Management Center to gain a unified view across your deployment.

Purchasing. Fortinet provide you with the freedom of choosing a la carte, optimized bundles for NGFW, cloud, mail, endpoint, etc., AND Enterprise Agreement.

Consistent and Coordinated Security Detection and Response

The Fortinet Security Fabric is natively integrated with FortiGuard actionable threat intelligence that is continuously updating a rich set of capabilities for content, web, device, and user security across the Fabric.

FortiGuard maintains AI-powered analysis environments across unified databases, ensuring that all products operate from the same up-to-the-minute data. Different products gain access to all relevant security technologies appropriate to their function and location across the attack plane, ensuring security is deployed consistently and enforced cohesively.

The Fabric is based on common standards and open APIs, so you can connect and leverage your existing investments with our threat insights.

Web Security

Optimized to monitor and protect data and applications against web-based attack tactics while assisting you with meeting compliance.

Web and Video Filtering
FortiGuard’s massive web content rating, URL databases, and AI-enabled analysis environments power our accurate web and video filtering services. Providing granular blocking and filtering for web and video categories to allow, log, or block for rapid and comprehensive protection and regulatory compliance.

Consistent protection against malicious domain blocking attack tactics like DNS tunneling, C2 server identification, and Domain Generation Algorithms.

Antibot and CS
Block unauthorized attempts to communicate with compromised remote servers for both receiving malicious commands or extracting information.

Geo IP
Geo IP adds additional protection to this category by providing location information on IP traffic to help manage region-based threats.

In conjunction with our WAF product, this service delivers automated continuous signature updates that protect against SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and various other attacks, with hundreds of data-type and web robot patterns, vulnerability scan signatures, and suspicious URLs.

Content Security

Optimized to monitor and protect against file-based attack tactics, while assisting you with meeting compliance.

Cloud Sandbox
Top-rated behavior-based AI-powered static and dynamic malware analysis to address the rapidly evolving and more targeted threats including ransomware, crypto-malware, and others across a broad digital attack surface. Delivers real-time actionable intelligence and prevention through the automation of zero-day advanced malware detection and response. MITRE ATT&CK-based reporting and investigation tools.

FortiGuard Antivirus delivers automated updates that protect against the latest polymorphing attack components, viruses, spyware, and other content-level threats. It uses industry-leading advanced detection engines to prevent both new and evolving threats from gaining a foothold inside your network, endpoint, and clouds and access invaluable content.

Innovative Capabilities
Additional capabilities like mobile malware, credential protection, content disarm and reconstruction, virus outbreak prevention, DLP, and dynamic adult image analysis add additional protection to this category.

Work in conjunction with our mail product to dramatically reduce spam volume at the perimeter, giving you unmatched control of email attacks and infections, providing greater protection than standard realtime blacklists.

Device Security

Optimized to monitor and protect against device and vulnerability-based attack tactics while assisting you with meeting compliance.

IPS blocks the latest stealthy network-level threat and network intrusions working with the most comprehensive IPS library with thousands of signatures AND backed up by FortiGuard research credited with 850+ zero-day discoveries. Natively embedded in our context-aware policies for full control of attack detection methods to suit complex security applications and resistance to evasion techniques.

OT and IoT
Identify and police common ICS/SCADA protocols and equipment for granular visibility and control with our OT service, and reduce your attack surface with automated discovery, real-time query, segmentation, and enforcement for IoT devices. Additional capabilities like device and OS detection and IoT hardware MAC address vendor mapping updates provide additional protection within this category.

Advanced Tools for SOC/NOC

Security Operational Teams / Network Operational Teams continuously evaluate and advance your security posture and set your team for success

Fabric Rating
Provide you with guided experience to design, implement, and continually advance your security posture. Fabric Rating Service provides audit checks, identifies critical vulnerabilities and configuration weaknesses, and recommends best practice implementations.

Automated breach defense system that continuously monitors your network for attacks, vulnerabilities, and persistent threats. It provides protection against legitimate threats, guarding your data, defending against fraudulent access, malware, and breaches.

Vulnerability Scan
Vulnerability scan network assets for security weaknesses, with on-demand or scheduled scans. Comprehensive reports on the security posture of your critical assets and automated scanning of remote location.

Free your teams to focus on major executions by offloading all tier one analysis to our team of experts. We will notify you of any significant events that need your attention and recommend an action plan.

Fortinet Developer Network (FNDN)

FNDN is a subscription-based community to help administrators and developers enhance and increase the effectiveness of Fortinet products. The Fortinet Developer Network provides official documentation and advanced tools for developing custom solutions using Fortinet products, like customer web portals, automated deployment and provisioning systems, and CLI scripting.


Subscription Levels

Purchasing Options

Fortinet provide you with the freedom to choose and mix and match between:

This data sheet includes purchasing options and bundles for the FortiGate product line. For enabling FortiGuard Security Services on all other products and for other use cases, please refer to the relevant product data sheet.

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