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Fortinet FortiGate VMX
Consolidated Security for Virtual Environments

Fortinet FortiGate VM

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FortiGate-VMX is a specific security solution for VMware environments that provides purpose-built integration for VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) — encompassing interoperability with VMware NSX and vSphere. Through direct API-integration, FortiGate-VMX has visibility into and can secure virtualized network traffic at the hypervisor level.

Automated deployment and management orchestration are used to secure workloads in dynamic software-defined networks and infrastructure to enable protection and close compliance gaps.

Proven Success in Virtual Environments

Fortinet introduced Virtual Domain (VDOM) technology in 2004. Since that time, we have offered virtualized security solutions to service providers and enterprises alike. With the initial release of the FortiGate-VM virtual appliance form factor in 2010, Fortinet paved a path of greater choice and flexibility to customers by providing the ability to deploy our security solutions within existing virtualized and Cloud infrastructure.

Growing from that first successful launch, Fortinet now offers 16+ virtualized security solutions for VMware environments — FortiGate-VMX spearheading that portfolio.

Fortinet’s comprehensive security virtual appliance lineup supports in excess of 16 solutions.


  • Visibility into all vSphere virtual network traffic
  • Automated deployment and provisioning of FortiGate-VMX security nodes to new ESXi hosts
  • Instant-on real-time protection of new VM workloads
  • Session-state retained across live migration events (vMotion)
  • Support for multi-tenant environments
  • Full Next Generation security functionality solution in one platform



Unlike traditional deployments where the security virtual appliance is required to be in the flow of traffic to enforce policy, FortiGate-VMX can see traffic as it traverses between the virtual switch port and the virtual NIC (vNIC) of the workload VM itself.

Automated Deployment and Provisioning

FortiGate-VMX Service Manage talks directly with VMware’s NSX Manager to communicate information about and register the Fortinet security service. The VMware environment then automates the deployment of FortiGate-VMX Security Nodes to each VMware ESXi host in the designated cluster. Licensing and security policy is also automated between the FortiGate-VMX Service Manager and the FortiGate-VMX Security Nodes.

Object-based Protection

FortiGate-VMX security policy is based on dynamic NSX Security Groups and their associated objects. Any additions or other changes to these Security Groups in the NSX Manager will be automatically associated with the proper FortiGate-VMX security policy without requiring any manual changes in the FortiGate-VMX Service Manager. Policies are enforced independent of broadcast domain or port connection. Policy will also follow the workload VM from host to host during live migration (vMotion) events.

Policy Redirection

Through integration with VMware NSX APIs and NSX Service Composer, custom redirection security policies enable application traffic flow to/from specific VM workload within the designated ESXi cluster(s) to be secured by the FortiGate-VMX security service. No manual configuration of network flows are required.

Real-time Protection

With policies based on NSX dynamic Security Groups, new VM workloads are automatically associated to their proper security policy in real-time upon creation. No more lag-time between creation and enforcement or mistakes commonly associated with communication between data center administrators and security administrators.

Cluster-based Scaling

Because FortiGate-VMX is a security service within the VMware environment, any new hosts added to the secure ESXi cluster will immediately fall under the same security policy. FortiGate-VMX security nodes will automatically deploy to those new ESXi hosts without any manual intervention.


Using the advanced FortiOS™ operating system, FortiGate appliances effectively neutralize a wide range of security threats facing your software defined datacenter (SDDC). Whether deployed at the edge as a front-line defense (FortiGate hardware appliances), within the virtual infrastructure for inter-zone security and VPN termination at the application (FortiGate-VM) or utilized for inter-VM and advanced hypervisor-based security (FortiGate-VMX), FortiGate appliances protect your infrastructure with some of the most effective security available today.

Pricing Notes:

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FortiGate-VMX Instance License Application Control Bundle for FortiGate-VMX (24x7 FortiCare plus NGFW, Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), Web & Video Filtering)
FortiGate-VMX Service Manager License 1 Year Application Control Bundle for FortiGate-VMX (FortiCare Premium plus NGFW, Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), URL, DNS & Video Filtering)
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Our Price: $1,712.34
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