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Fortinet FortiExtender Cloud
Rapidly deploy and dynamically manage LTE networks

FortiExtender Cloud

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Rapidly deploy and dynamically manage LTE networks at geographically distributed locations with FortiExtender Cloud, Fortinet’s network management and platform for managing the FortiExtender. Improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance the reliability and intelligence of your network and business operations.

Global Management

Manage thousands of FortiExtenders from a single browser, no matter where they are in the world. Use groups to easily and securely configure, upgrade, or monitor your appliances.

Intelligent LTE Bandwidth Management

Simplified reporting enables monitoring of data usage by group, device, or plan — giving you instant visibility to bandwidth consumption. Device usage is broken down by SIM card for Smart SIM reporting and management.


Zero-touch provisioning means your devices will automatically show up in your account.

Key Features


FortiExtender Cloud

Manage your inventory remotely with the click of a button. Easily add, remove, or upgrade devices while keeping an eye on their health and status. Use profiles and groups to quickly change configurations for multiple devices at once.

FortiExtender Cloud

Understand your network behavior and performance with easily read information about users and devices. See at a glance how your LTE connectivity is performing and where bandwidth is being used. Quickly drill down into a device to see its configuration, carrier, location, and usage across its dual SIM cards.


FortiExtender Cloud

FortiExtender Cloud is able to manage FortiExtenders from a centralized, cloud-based management console.

FortiExtender Cloud

FortiExtender Cloud can show the status and location of deployed FortiExtenders around the world, or you can zoom in and see them around your city.

Analytics Dashboard Yes Yes
Aggregate Data Usage Yes Yes
Cellular Data Usage Yes Yes
Manage Carrier Plans Yes Yes
Third-party API No Yes
Data Retention 7 days 1 year
Real-time Configuration and Monitoring Yes Yes
Troubleshooting Yes Yes
Advanced Location-Based Management Yes Yes
Devices Managed 3 Unlimited
Location Services Yes Yes
  – Map Location Yes Yes
Console Yes Yes
  – Command Line Interface (CLI) Yes Yes
  – Out-of-Band Management Yes Yes
  – Role-based Access Control Yes Yes
Modems Yes Yes
Multi-Carrier Software Defined Radio Yes Yes
Modem Firmware Updates Yes Yes
Groups Yes Yes
Group Dashboard Yes Yes
Create / Manage Groups Yes Yes
Configuration & Monitoring Yes Yes
Router Firmware Updates Yes Yes
Bulk Provisioning Yes Yes
Reporting Yes Yes

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