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Fortinet FortiAnalyzer 200F Appliance
Centralized Logging, Analysis, and Reporting

Fortinet FortiAnalyzer 200F Appliance

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In today's dynamic and fast changing security landscape, lack of visibility continues to extend breach and compromise events to an average of more than 100 days. For each day an organization is exposed it’s another opportunity for attackers to get to sensitive customer and confidential information. FortiAnalyzer delivers critical insight into threats across the entire attack surface and provides Instant visibility, situation awareness, real-time threat intelligence and actionable analytics, along with NOC-SOC security analysis and operations perspective for Fortinet's Security Fabric.

Centralized Analysis

Event Correlation & Advanced Threat Detection - Allows IT administrators to quickly identify and respond to network security threats across the network

Powerful NOC-SOC Dashboard - Customizable NOCSOC dashboards provide management, monitoring and control over your network.

Scalable Performance & Flexible Deployments - Supports thousands of FortiGate and FortiClient agents, and dynamically scale storage based on retention requirements. Deploys as an individual unit or optimized for a specific operation.

Centralized Analysis

Fortinet Security Fabric can provide unified, end-to-end protection by deploying Fortinet Enterprise Firewalls to battle the advanced persistent threats, and adding FortiAnalyzer to expand the Security Fabric for increased visibility and robust security alert information that is both actionable and automated.

FortiAnalyzer enables you to collect, analyze and correlate log data from your distributed network of Fortinet Enterprise Firewalls from one central location, and to view all your firewall traffic and generate reports from a single console. With a subscription to FortiGuard Indicator of Compromise (IOC) service, it can provide a prioritized list for compromised hosts, so you can quickly take action.


  • Centralized Search and Reports - Simple and intuitive Google-like search experience and reports on network traffic, threats, network activities and trends across the network.
  • Automated Indicators of Compromise (IOC) - Scans security logs using FortiGuard IOC Intelligence for APT detection.
  • Real-time and Historical Views into Network Activity - View a summary of applications, sources, destinations, websites, security threats, administrative modifications and system events.
  • Light-weight Event Management - Predefined security event definitions are easily customizable with automated alerts.
  • Seamless Integration with the Fortinet Security Fabric - Correlates with logs from FortiClient, FortiSandbox, FortiWeb and FortiMail for deeper visibility

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Fortinet FortiAnalyzer 200F 24x7 Forticare Contract
FortiAnalyzer-200F 1 Year FortiCare Premium Support
List Price: $960.00
Our Price: $831.17
FortiAnalyzer-200F Subscription license for the FortiGuard Indicator of Compromise (IOC).
FortiAnalyzer-200F 1 Year FortiGuard Indicators of Compromise (IOC) Service
List Price: $960.00
Our Price: $831.17
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