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Fortinet FortiAI VM
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Fortinet FortiAI

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FortiAI represents the future of AI-driven breach protection technology, designed for short-staffed Security Operation Center (SOC) teams to defend against various threats including advanced persistent threats through a trained Virtual Security AnalystTM that helps you identify, classify, and respond to malware including those well-camouflaged. FortiAI employs patent-pending* Deep Neural Networks based on Advanced AI and Artifical Neural Network to provide sub-second investigation by harnessing deep learning technologies to assist you in an automated response to remediate different breeds of synthesized AI and non-AI-based threats. Based on several years of FortiGuard Labs research, FortiAI reduces the “time to detect and respond” significantly to protect your organization.

Biggest SOC Challenges

AI-Powered Cyber Attacks

Innovative threat actrors disrupt cybersecurity through automated attacks designed to overwhelm or sneak past your SOC defenses

Digital Transformation

As organizations embrace various digital transformation initiatives, this creates burden for SecOps to identify new breeds of threats in an expanded environment

Masqueraded Malware

Carefully crafted cyber threats designed to bypass your existing security controls through the camouflage of malware behaviors

Shortage of Experienced SOC Analysts

Experience is the hardest thing to acquire in cyber security, especially in threat analysis, investigation and malware research experience

Key Features

  • Virtual Security AnalystTM powered by a Deep Neural Networks AI model that augments your organizations’ Security Operations (SecOps) by mimicking an experienced Security Analyst to investigate threats and surface malware outbreaks
  • Reduces malware detection and investigation time from minutes to sub-seconds
  • Mature AI that applies 6+ million malware features to achieve sub-second verdicts for day-1 deployment with the capability to learn new features
  • On-premise Learning to reduce false positives by analyzing an organization’s specific traffic and adapting to newly disguised threats
  • Scientifically analyze known and unknown file and fileless threats and classifies them into 20+ malware attack scenarios
  • Integration into Fortinet's Security Fabric by integrating with FortiGates to automatically quarantine attacks

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FortiNDR-VM Subscription License with Bundle Subscriptions license for FortiNDR-VM (32 CPU) with 24x7 FortiCare with NDR and ANN engine updates & baseline
FortiNDR-VM Subscription License with Bundle 1 Year Subscriptions license for FortiNDR-VM (32 CPU) with FortiCare Premium with NDR and ANN engine updates & baseline. Netflow & OT Security Service order separately.
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