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BuzD Presence Analytics
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À la carteÀ la carte

Not only will the BuzD Dashboard deliver exciting information about your customer traffic, we provide you with the unique ability to import your marketing events calendar and sales figures resulting in a comprehensive view of your marketing efforts.

Well DocumentedWell Documented

BuzD delivers a whole new level of documentation. Not only do we show you "how" to use our dashboard, our marketing guru's provide you with step by step tutorials on how to make the most out of the collected data. In addition to well written documentation, we provide you with easy to understand video tutorials ensuring that you get the most out of your investment in BuzD.

Responsive DesignResponsive Design

In 2014 sales of tablet sales outnumbered the humble desktop computer. Ensuring that you can check how your current campaign is running no matter where you are, BuzD Dashboard has been designed to provide easy to read and use features on desktops, tablets and smart-phones.


It's like Google Analytics for Physical Locations

What does it do?

BuzD provides 'real time' analytics that help you observe the foot traffic of your customers inside and around your physical location. We deliver information about your customers that has never been accessible to you beforehand help your company improve sales, customer engagement, store layout and staffing placement

Powerful & Clean

Responsive & Bright Theme

The BuzD dashboard has been designed to provide easy viewing. Each screen is precise, clean and provides only the information you need.

Genuine Value Reports

Not just pretty charts and graphs

With BuzD you can import your marketing events and combine traffic analytics providing real-time results. In addition to adding your marketing events BuzD allows you to import your sales figures. The integrated Traffic, Marketing and Sales data provides you with instant feedback at a glance.

Getting BuzD

Today, more than ever before you need to understand your customers shopping habits. In order to achieve better bottom line and customer loyalty you need to know more about how often customers come into your location, what they do when they are there, and how long they stay for. This is exactly how online retailers increase their customer return rates and basket size.

Do you know how many people walk past your location every day?
Do you know how many of them come in? How long do they stay?
Have they been in your outlet before or is this the first time?
What times of the day does most of the traffic pass and enter your outlet?