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Fortinet FortiGate 1000C
Accelerated, Proven Security for the Enterprise

Fortinet FortiGate 1000C

The FortiGate 1000C Series has been discontinued. Contact us for a replacement!

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The FortiGate-1000C integrates essential security and networking functions into a single device to help identify and thwart multiple threats for mid-sized organizations and large branch offices of large enterprises. With numerous accelerated multi-threat security interfaces, organizations can create multiple security zones for various departments, users, access methods, and even devices to enforce network security at accelerated speeds.

By intercepting and inspecting network traffic at wire speeds, the FortiGate-1000C helps you identify and remove threats hidden within legitimate application traffic. With firewall performance of 20 Gbps and IPS throughput of 3.5 Gbps, the FortiGate- 1000C is ideal for mid-to-large enterprise deployments. The FortiGate-1000C delivers the performance you need to control your organization's applications, data, and users without becoming a network bottleneck.

FortiGate-1000C Features & Benefits:

  • Up to 20 Gbps firewall performance and sub-10 microsecond latency ensures optimal performance for latency sensitive environments
  • Advanced application control that enables administrators to define and enforce policies for thousands of applications running across networks regardless of port or the protocol used for communication
  • Virtual private network (VPN) technology enforces complete content inspection and multi-threat protection. Traffic optimization prioritizes critical communications traversing VPN tunnels
  • Data leakage prevention uses a sophisticated pattern-matching engine to help identify and prevent the transfer of sensitive information outside of network perimeters, even when applications encrypt their communications
  • Available FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer appliances simplify security management and reduce operating expenses in multiple deployments
  • FortiGuard Subscription Services deliver automated, real-time, up-to-date protection against security threats and exploits.

The Power of Unified Threat Management (UTM)

The FortiGate-1000C security platform delivers industry-leading performance and flexibility. You can deploy the right blend of essential hardware-accelerated security technologies now and in the future to meet your evolving network requirements. These technologies include firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention, application control, and web content filtering, all managed from a 'single pane of glass' management console. The FortiGate-1000C also includes additional security technologies such as antivirus/ antimalware, antispam, vulnerability management, and WAN optimization, allowing you to consolidate stand-alone devices.

The FortiGate-1000C gives you the ability to identify and stop numerous types of threats from a single device. For example, advanced application control enables you to define and enforce policies for thousands of applications running across your network, regardless of port or protocol used. Data leakage prevention technology, using a sophisticated pattern-matching engine, helps identify and prevent the accidental or intentional transfer of sensitive information outside of network perimeters, even when applications encrypt their communications.

The high port density and types of ports of the FortiGate-1000C gives you the freedom to create multiple security zones for various departments, users, access methods, and even devices. There are eight (8) shared RJ-45/SFP Gigabit Ethernet ports for deployment flexibility, as well as two (2) bypass-protected port to preserve network availability in the event of a device failure. In addition, 128 GB of onboard flash memory lets you deploy WAN optimization to reduce bandwidth consumption across your WAN connection, enable local reporting, or archive content locally.

FortiGate Consolidated Security Solutions

Fortinet's consolidated security solutions provide an integrated set of core security and network services in a single, easyto- manage, high-performance appliance that is capable of supporting a wide range of deployment scenarios. In addition, FortiGuard Subscription Services include dynamic updates to ensure your security environment remains current and your corporate resources are protected against the latest threats.

Features & Benefits:

Features: Benefits:
Visibility and control of new applications and conten FortiGate devices deliver complete, comprehensive application control, enabling you to block unwanted traffic and behavior
Time-sensitive applications and data require extremely low-latenc FortiGate-1000C appliance ensures that security is never a bottleneck. Up to 20 Gbps firewall performance and up to 8 Gbps IPSec VPN performance ensures optimal performance of latencysensitive applications.
Internal network segmentation to segregate dat FortiGate-1000C appliance with 24 hardware-accelerated switched ports permit a wide-array of deployments.
Applications are expected to perform well over the WA The FortiGate-1000C features 128 GB of onboard storage for WAN Optimization.
Eliminating blind spots caused by using multiple non-integrated security technologie Fortinet combines core security technologies such as firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention, and application control into a single platform, providing an effective all-in-one solution.

Integrated Multi-Threat Protection

Fortinet Multi-Threat SecurityThe FortiGate product family provides cost-effective, comprehensive protection against network, content, and application-level threats. It defends your environment from complex, sophisticated attacks without degrading network availability and affecting application performance.

FortiGate platforms combine the purpose-built FortiOS™ security operating system with custom FortiASIC processors and other hardware to provide a comprehensive and highperformance array of security and networking functions.

The FortiGate product family delivers the highest level of network, content, and application security for enterprises of all sizes, while reducing total cost of ownership. With Fortinet, you deploy the network security you need to protect your intellectual property, preserve the privacy of critical customer information, and maintain regulatory compliance.

FortiOS 5.0 Software

FortiOS 5.0, the world's most powerful security operating system, is the foundation for all Fortinet FortiGate integrated security platforms. It provides more security, intelligence and control to help enterprises be better protected against today's advanced threats and enable more secure BYOD environments.

More Security More Security Fighting Advanced Threats
More Security to fight advanced threats. A client reputation feature gives enterprises a cumulative security ranking of each device based on a range of behaviors and provides specific, actionable information that enables organizations to identity compromised systems and potential zero-day attacks in real time. The new advanced anti-malware detection system adds an on-device behavior-based heuristic engine and cloud-based AV services that includes an operating system sandbox and botnet IP reputation database. Together with superior industry-validated AV signatures, FortiOS 5.0 delivers unbeatable multi-layered protection against today's sophisticated malware.
  • Client Reputation with Cumulative Rankings
  • OS Sandbox
  • Advanced Botnet Protection
More Control More Control Securing Mobile Devices
More Control to secure mobile devices and BYOD environments by identifying devices and applying specific access policies as well as ecurity profiles, according to the device type or device group, location and usage.
  • Device Identification & Visibility
  • New Identity Based Policies
  • Endpoint Control
More Intelligence More Intelligence Build Smart Policies
More Intelligence with automatic adjustment of role-based policies for users and guests based on location, data and application profile. Enhanced reporting and analysis also provides administrators with more intelligence on the behavior of their network, users, devices, applications and threats.
  • Provide Guest Access with Confidence
  • Enhanced Visibility & Reporting and Overal User Experience
  • Extended Single Sign On Capabilities

The FortiASIC Advantage

FortiASIC is the foundation of Fortinet’s unique hardware technology. FortiASIC is a family of purpose built, high-performance network and content processors that uses an intelligent proprietary content scanning engine and multiple algorithms to accelerate compute-intensive security services. FortiASIC provides the performance required to deliver enterprise and carrier-class UTM services. Coupled with the FortiOS security hardened Operating System, FortiASIC delivers extreme performance and security.


FortiGate-1000C Front and Back

FortiGate Model FortiGate-1000C
Hardware Specifications:
10/100/1000 Accelerated Interfaces (RJ-45) 12
SFP and 10/100/1000 Shared Interfaces 8
10/100/1000 Bypass Interfaces 2
10/100/1000 Management Interfaces 2
SFP+ (10 Gb) 2
Maximum Network Interfaces 26
Internal Storage 128 GB
USB (Client/Server) 1 / 1
System Performance:
Firewall Throughput (1518 byte UDP) 16 Gbps
Firewall Throughput (512 byte UDP) 16 Gbps
Firewall Throughput (66 byte UDP) 16 Gbps
IPSec VPN Throughput (512 byte packets) 8 Gbps
Antivirus Throughput (Flow Based) 1.5 Gbps
Antivirus Throughput (Proxy Based) 500 Mbps
IPS Throughput 3.5 Gbps
Gateway-to-Gateway IPSec VPN Tunnels (System / VDOM) 10,000 / 5,000
Client-to-Gateway IPSec VPN Tunnels 20,000
SSL-VPN Users (recommended max) 3,000
SSL-VPN Throughput 350 Mbps
Concurrent Sessions (TCP) 2.5 M
New Sessions/Sec (TCP) 75,000
Firewall Policies (Max) 100,000
Unlimited User Licenses Yes
Virtual Domains (VDOMs) 10
High Availability Configurations Active/Active, Active/Passive, Clustering
Height 3.5 in ( 88 mm)
Width 17 in (432 mm)
Length 16.4 in ( 416 mm)
Weight 24.6 lb ( 11.2 kg)
Rack Mountable Yes
AC Power 100-240 VAC, 60-50 Hz
Power Consumption (AVG) 132.8 W
Heat Dissipation 566 BTU/h
Power Consumption (Max) 166 W
Redundant Power Supply Yes
Operating Temperature  32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)
Storage Temperature -13 to 158°F (-25 to 70°C)
Humidity  20 to 90% non-condensing
Compliance FCC Class A Part 15, UL/CUL, CE, C Tick, VCC
Certifications ICSA Labs: Firewall, SSL VPN, IPS, Antivirus

All performance values are "up to" and vary depending on system configuration. Antivirus performance is benchmarked using traffic containing 32 Kbyte HTTP objects. IPS performance measured using 44 Kbyte HTTP files (similar to NSS Labs test methodology)

Services & Support:

FortiGuard Security Subscription Services

FortiGuard Security Subscription Services deliver dynamic, automated updates for Fortinet products. The Fortinet Global Security Research Team creates these updates to ensure up-to-date protection against sophisticated threats. Subscriptions include antivirus, intrusion prevention, web filtering, antispam, vulnerability and compliance management, application control, and database security services.

FortiCare Support Services

FortiCare Support Services provide global support for all Fortinet products and services. FortiCare support enables your Fortinet products to perform optimally. Support plans start with 8x5 Enhanced Support with "return and replace" hardware replacement or 24x7 Comprehensive Support with advanced replacement. Options include Premium Support, Premium RMA, and Professional Services. All hardware products include a 1-year limited hardware warranty and 90-day limited software warranty.


Download the Fortinet FortiGate 1000C Data Sheet (PDF).