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Fortinet Earns Top Marks in Independent Comparison of Anti-Spam Solutions
Posted: Tue May 03, 2016 06:32:30 PM


FortiMail Has Again Been Awarded the VBSpam+ Certification with a 99.99% Spam Catch Rate and Zero False Positives

SUNNYVALE, Calif. Ė May 3, 2016 Ė

Michael Xie, founder, president and chief technology officer, Fortinet ďEmail continues to be a primary source for malware, data loss, and other enterprise attacks. As this latest round of testing continues to show, Fortinetís FortiMail secure email gateway solution delivers world-class enterprise email protection. But beyond that, it is also designed to operate as a critical part of our tightly integrated Fortinet Security Fabric that shares threat intelligence to deliver coordinated responses to attacks anywhere across the distributed enterprise network.Ē

News Summary:

Fortinet (NASDAQ: FTNT), the global leader in high-performance cyber security solutions, today announced another VBSpam+ certification in Virus Bulletinís latest VBSpam comparative review. This marks FortiMailís fifth consecutive 99.9+ final score with a 99.99% spam catch rate and no false positives.

Fortinetís Secure Email Gateway, FortiMail, is integrated within Fortinetís Security Fabric which enables the sharing of both global and local threat intelligence between FortiMail and other advanced security devices including FortiSandbox. This unique approach can stop both existing and previously unseen threats the very first time they reach an organization or employee, preventing the loss of sensitive and confidential information.

  • The VBSpam test consisted of 187,720 emails. Of these, 94.5% were spam, with the rest comprised of legitimate emails and newsletters.
  • Fortinetís FortiMail Secure Email Gateway solution received a top score of 99.5%, blocking 99.99% of spam and a false positive rate of 0.0%.
  • This was the 41st time in a row that Fortinet has participated in the VBSpam test, with the FortiMail Secure Email Gateway appliance being awarded VBSpam Verified or VBSpam+ certification each time.
  • Email continues to be one of the primary sources for introducing malware into a network environment, and for the loss of critical and sensitive data. Email security appliances need to provide bidirectional inspection filtering without blocking access to legitimate email communications.

The First Line of Defense Against Email-Based Attacks

Email continues to be the primary form of corporate communication, as well as the leading source for malware, phishing attacks, spam, and the loss of critical business and customer data. As a result, secure email gateways and filtering solutions are critical lines of defense for corporate infrastructures; working ahead of other defenses, as well as detection and response systems, to analyze and block email before it is delivered to employees or customers.

Fortinet is committed to third-party validation and testing to assure customers of the efficacy and innovation of their security offerings. Fortinetís FortiMail solution has been part of every VBSpam validation since its inception by Virus Bulletin. Details of this testing reveal that Fortinetís secure email gateway technology has consistently been certified and validated to provide the highest levels of spam detection and filtering, with zero false positives.

A Platform of Certified Security Effectiveness

The results of this testing highlight the effectiveness of just one of the many layers of advanced security features that comprise Fortinetís integrated platform of independently tested and certified security solutions. Fortinetís FortiMail email security solution is just the latest component to receive Virus Bulletin certification for security effectiveness. It has a perfect record of certification in every Virus Bulletin VBSpam test since its inception, earning a total of 41 SPAM or SPAM+ certifications between 2009 and today. FortiGuard Web Filtering service, received VBWebís very first web filtering certification. And Fortinetís FortiClient endpoint protection has also consistently received dozens of VB100 antivirus certifications dating back to 2005, posting strong scores in proactive zero-day detection tests, and earning certification in all four VB100 tests in 2015.

Protecting todayís evolving digital business networks against the rapidly evolving threat landscape requires an integrated security approach. The FortiMail Secure Email Gateway is designed to work in tandem with FortiClient endpoint security, the FortiGate Enterprise Firewall, FortiWeb Web Application Firewall, FortiSandbox Advanced Threat Detection, and other components of the Fortinet Security Fabric for automated prevention of the very latest threats. These solutions share FortiGuard Labís leading global threat intelligence in near real-time, and supplement that with the dynamic local intelligence of FortiSandbox to provide consistent protection against attacks.

When integrated, these technologies form the foundation for the recently announced Fortinet Security Fabric. This architectural approach allows devices to share threat intelligence, management, and orchestration, and to intelligently collaborate to respond to threats located anywhere across the distributed network. And it is based on open standards for enhanced interoperability with existing and future security investments.

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