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Havells Sylvania Standardizes on Fortinet for its Global Network Security
Posted: Fri Jul 24, 2009 01:34:00 PM
Fortinet’s Broad Range of Security Solutions Allows Sylvania Strong Network Protection, Centralized Management and Control. Fortinet - a market-leading network security provider and worldwide leader of unified threat management (UTM) solutions – today announced that Havells Sylvania, one of the leading global designers and suppliers of lighting systems, has standardized its network security infrastructure on Fortinet security solutions. Havells Sylvania has deployed more than 50 FortiGate® integrated multi-threat appliances across the globe, along with FortiManager® and FortiAnalyzer® management and reporting platforms, to provide protection for the company’s multiple sites and data centers across the globe.

With some 50 sites worldwide and two large data centers in Amsterdam and Brussels, Havells Sylvania required a global, uniform and centralized network security strategy. Critical data is dispatched over the network to all parts of the world and stored on the company’s various servers. To ensure safe communications, it was critical for the IT department to select a consolidated network security approach that would provide broad multi-threat protection, centralized management, ease of use and all while being cost-effective. Havells Sylvania identified Fortinet as the vendor that best met those requirements.

“Our business has grown from four decentralized locations to now more than 50. A point solution security strategy would have failed in providing us with strong security and simple and efficient management. We also found Fortinet’s focus as a one-stop-shop for security to offer the right level of expertise for us,” said Rajesh Bhatia Vice President IT at Havells Sylvania. “Fortinet not only offers the broadest suite of security appliances and technologies, but its home-grown technology allows the implementation of consistent, centralized and scalable network security.”

“At the enterprise level, many of our customers are faced with the challenge of efficiently protecting a widely distributed network,” said Patrice Perche, vice president of EMEA & SEA sales for Fortinet. “Our suite of security solutions is based on a single home-grown platform, which allows us to provide a highly efficient, cost-effective and consolidated security solution, with the same high level of security delivered to each office across the globe.”

Havells Sylvania has deployed over 50 Fortinet FortiGate integrated multi-threat security appliances consisting of a mix of FortiGate-60B, FortiGate-110C and larger FortiGate-310B appliances. Havells Sylvania leverages all the security functions provided in each FortiGate security platform including firewall, antivirus, anti-spam, IDS/IPS, Web content filtering and SSL VPN.

Havells Sylvania’s standard network configuration is comprised of two data centers and 50 remote sites interconnected via one large MPLS network. Fortinet’s FortiGate security appliances screen all incoming and outgoing traffic dispatched via leased lines or local Internet connections. They also provide VPN interconnectivity to Sylvania’s various worldwide locations, including in Sao Paulo, Madrid, Moscow, Amsterdam, Bangkok, etc.

Havells Sylvania’s security configuration is completed with FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer, Fortinet’s appliances for centralized management and reporting. FortiManager enables Havells Sylvania to monitor the various sites from one single location as well as to manage, configure and update its FortiGate appliances remotely. FortiAnalyzer performs the analysis, logging and reporting of the data recorded by the Fortinet appliances. Reporting can be tailor-made, which means that Havells Sylvania’s administrators can analyze their network security from a policy and compliance perspective, but also study the attack patterns against the network. This provides Havells Sylvania with a clear view of its network status, enabling the company to quickly respond to any changes.
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