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VINCI Energies Secures its Remote Sites Network with Fortinet
Posted: Tue May 21, 2013 02:20:55 PM


More Than 850 FortiGate Appliances Deployed in France.

SUNNYVALE, Calif., May 20, 2013 - Fortinet® (NASDAQ: FTNT) - a world leader in high-performance network security - today announced that VINCI Energies, the energy business line of VINCI group, has deployed more than 850 FortiGate® appliances to standardize and secure its network of remote sites across France. Fortinet’s solutions were chosen for their ability to meet VINCI Energies’ requirements in terms of security efficacy, reliability, performance and ease of administration.

With 64,000 people in 45 countries and revenues of 9 billion Euros in 2012, VINCI Energies is the French leader and one of the top European market players of services related to energy and information technology.

Early 2012, VINCI Energies decided to replace its Juniper and Fortinet firewalls with a single provider in order to standardize network security across its entire infrastructure. The group conducted an analysis of IT security solutions from Juniper, Check Point and Fortinet and selecting the main integrators that represented those vendors as part of a request for proposal (RFP). After analysis, Vinci Energies chose Axians, a networking and telecoms integrator and a subsidiary of VINCI Energies, for the integration and support of Fortinet’s solutions. Fortinet was identified as the vendor offering the best security solution in terms of functionality, reliability and performance. Fortinet’s solutions also allow VINCI Energies to benefit from centralized management for all the security appliances deployed in France.

“Thanks to the broad functionality the FortiGate platform integrates within a single appliance, Fortinet’s solution met all our RFP requirements. In addition, during our various tests, Fortinet’s FortiGate systems proved to be technically superior to competing solutions both in terms of performance and reliability. For a deployment of over 850 appliances, the selected vendor had to give us confidence on the reliability of its hardware, and Fortinet clearly did,” said Dominique Tessaro, head of Information Systems at VINCI Energies. “Finally, the availability of Fortinet’s sales team as well as the excellent price/performance ratio were highly appreciated and made a difference in our final decision.”

The implementation of 850 FortiGate-60Cs, 8 FortiGate-300Cs and 4 FortiGate-100Ds in more than 860 VINCI Energies remote sites in France is now complete. Every FortiGate appliance delivers the following integrated features: firewall for protecting Internet access locally; IPSec VPN and policy-based routing for secure access to the group’s business applications from any site in case of fault or unavailability of the MPLS network; as well as antivirus and IPS for Internet attack detection and mitigation. Furthermore, QoS provided by Fortinet’s appliances enables the prioritization of the business applications and the optimization of inter-sites traffic. Finally, the FortiGate devices support both IPv4 and IPv6, therefore providing to VINCI Energies the same level of security on its IPv6 Intranet as on the rest of its network.

The FortiGate appliances are remotely managed by Axians through the FortiManager™-3000C, a complete and easy-to-use centralized management system. This solution provides centralized configuration, software updates and policy provisioning, allowing Vinci Energies to simply and efficiently manage its entire security infrastructure. FortiAnalyzer™-1000C, Fortinet’s logging and reporting appliance, securely collects and centralizes daily logs of FortiGate devices and allows the creation of reports and statistics for complete visibility of the network security posture.

“The large deployment scale of our FortiGate network security appliances at VINCI Energies shows that they can perfectly meet the highest expectations of large enterprises in terms of performance and security,” said Patrice Perche, senior vice-president of International Sales and Support at Fortinet. “Our award-winning, proprietary solutions are designed to provide companies with the most complete protection while helping ensure maximum flexibility and ease of management. For our clients, this results in greater control over their network and costs.”

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