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Fortinet's FortiGate Multi-threat Security Solutions Receive Positive Technology Audit from Ovum
Posted: Thu May 27, 2010 02:02:00 PM
Market Research Firm Recognizes Fortinet's FortiGate Product Family as a Strong Answer to Today's Enterprise Network Security Challenges

May 25, 2010 - Fortinet® a leading network security provider and worldwide leader of unified threat management (UTM) solutions - today announced that leading market research firm Ovum, a Datamonitor company, has published a positive Technology Audit on Fortinet's FortiGate® family of multi-threat network security appliances. The research firm recognizes FortiGate's strong integrated and centrally managed network security capabilities, which are particularly suited for large enterprises and service providers.

Ovum's industry-leading Technology Evaluation and Comparison Reports deliver the organization's thought leadership, independent opinion and best practice through in-depth technical analysis supported by comprehensive Technology Audits, product comparisons and rankings.

"Many enterprises today are reconsidering their deployment strategy of stand-alone network security solutions, which makes management an expensive and resource-intensive task," said Graham Titterington, senior research analyst at Ovum. "Fortinet offers, through its FortiGate product line, a fully integrated range of security services designed to provide clean communications pipes to help protect customers from an increasingly sophisticated range of malicious threats security. Its technical independence makes it a strong partner of choice for companies looking for comprehensive and robust security at a low cost of ownership."

Ovum made the following observations about the FortiGate product line in its Technology Audit:

* FortiGate's strength lies in its ability to maintain business continuity and sustain normal processing speeds while maintaining an effective defense against network and application threats,
* FortiGate enables real-time analysis of network content and speeds up routines for rigorous content protection through its high-performance security ASIC processor (FortiASIC) and its Content Pattern Recognition Language (CPRL),
* FortiGate's Complete Content Protection (CCP) capability provides deep content inspection beyond application control, allowing the detection of a variety of threats, including inappropriate web content, email spam, spyware, and phishing attacks,
* FortiGate includes a functionally complete stateful-inspection firewall that delivers strong protection while maintaining enterprise-level throughput performance and scalability,
* Fortinet's dynamic approach to virtualization supports the management of multiple domains and brings with it scalability and performance capable of supporting thousands of virtual networks,
* Unlike most of its competitors, Fortinet's technical independence enables it to tailor its services to its clients' needs,
* The FortiGate product suite is suitable for enterprises of all sizes, and Fortinet is making significant traction in large enterprises, financial services verticals, telecoms and the public sector.

"The FortiGate product line was built on the idea that single point solutions could not address the growing sophistication of blended attacks and meet the requirements of IT security departments in terms of flexibility, scalability and TCO," said Patrick Bedwell, vice president of product marketing. "I'm pleased that Ovum's Technology Audit echoes that vision by considering integrated network security strategy as an essential and effective approach to provide cost-effective protection for any types of businesses, including large enterprises and service providers."
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