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Fortinet Earns 26th Virus Bulletin VB100 Award
Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2012 02:12:56 PM


SUNNYVALE, Calif., August 2, 2012 - Fortinet® (NASDAQ: FTNT) - a leader in high-performance network security – today announced the company has been awarded its 26th VB100 award in Virus Bulletin’s June 12 Comparative Review.

Virus Bulletin staff tested Fortinet’s antivirus capabilities along with 36 other endpoint security solutions from multiple countries for stability, malware catch rates and false positive rates.

“Fortinet has shown some impressive improvements of late, with scores rapidly catching up with those of its rivals apparently mainly due to heuristic rules being improved and turned up,” said John Hawes, test team director at Virus Bulletin. “Detection rates were good, well up with the leading pack on the RAP chart and with a strong showing in the Response sets, too. No issues were encountered in the core sets, and a VB100 award is thus earned without fuss.”

Fortinet’s antivirus technology is part of the suite of security services developed and maintained by the company’s FortiGuard Labs research team, which delivers industry-leading threat protection for a wide range of Fortinet products, including FortiGate®, FortiWeb®, FortiMail® and FortiClient® products. Founded in 2000, Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs consists of a world-class security team that monitors the threat landscape and ensures Fortinet customers are continuously informed and protected. Consisting of more than 200 dedicated research analysts, FortiGuard protects customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. The team discovers new third party threats and then delivers rapid signature updates and detailed security knowledge designed to provide practically instant protection from new and emerging threats. In a typical week, the FortiGuard team adds or updates approximately 145,000 antivirus signatures, 25 intrusion prevention (IPS) signatures, 400,000 URLs ratings for Web filtering and 28,000,000 antispam signatures. Additionally, FortiGuard has made more than 130 zero day discoveries in the last three years.

Fortinet is able to discover threats quickly via Fortinet’s extensive customer network and then push out signature updates to every customer in the world in minutes - unlike competing security companies that have to rely on third party security companies to provide them with the latest malware signatures.

The critical technology in Fortinet’s antivirus engine is its ability to decode and track behaviors of polymorphic, encrypted and packed malware in real time. Fortinet developed a propriety binary emulation engine that allows its antivirus engine to detect new malware and variants, regardless of whether a detection signature exists. This enables the engine to detect today’s robust malware threats, even those that use sophisticated evasion techniques like polymorphism and encryption to avoid detection from other antimalware products.

“We’re excited to see Virus Bulletin recognize Fortinet for its continued improvements to its antivirus engine, including enhanced heuristic rules, reduced main package size and diminished setup time,” said Patrick Bedwell, vice president of product marketing for Fortinet. “What many of our customers appreciate even more is FortiGuard Labs’ unmatched threat expertise and ability to deliver unique malware detection technology, which is also embedded in the company’s FortiGate, FortiWeb, FortiMail and FortiClient products.”

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