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Bobbejaanland Selects Fortinet to Deploy Park-Wide WiFi Infrastructure for Visitors and Staff
Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2015 01:43:50 PM


The Most Popular Amusement Park in Belgium Chooses Fortinet’s FortiGate, FortiAP and FortiPresence Integrated Solutions to Capture Visitor Intelligence and Drive Sales

Sunnyvale, California, March 25, 2015 - Fortinet® (NASDAQ: FTNT) – a global leader in high-performance cyber security solutions, today announced that Bobbejaanland, the most popular attraction park in Belgium, has selected Fortinet’s FortiGate® security appliance, FortiAP™ access points and FortiPresence™ wireless analytic solution to implement an innovative approach of using WiFi to capture intelligence and drive sales. The Belgian attraction park chose Fortinet’s solutions over the competition due to their advanced features, such as a customer engagement engine, presence and positioning analytics, robust security and ease of management.

Founded in 1960, Bobbejaanland Family Park has grown to become one of the most popular amusement parks in Belgium. The 56-acre attraction park features over 40 rides and entertains between 750,000 and 800,000 visitors per year.

Recognizing the important social and behavioral trends being brought about by the mobile revolution, and faced with the ongoing challenge of growing attendance and while also being creative to try to continue to improve profitability, Bobbejaanland decided to deploy a new park-wide Wi-Fi infrastructure for visitors and staff, providing an important new method for increasing per capita sales, improving operational efficiency and boosting visitor engagement and loyalty.

After conducting a thorough analysis of the different solutions available on the market, Bobbejaanland identified Fortinet as a preferred vendor capable of providing a complete solution, including both inside and outside access points, robust WLAN security, advanced WLAN features, centralized management, real-time location metrics and trending, total visitor traffic, dwell time duration, visitor contact information, PCI-DSS compliance among others.

In April 2014, Bobbejaanland deployed 30 of Fortinet’s FortiAP access points throughout the park to enable Wifi connectivity. Sixty percent were outdoor access points mounted on poles, while the rest were located inside restaurants and indoor amusements. This resulted in Wi-Fi coverage across 90% of the park, and provided PCI-DSS compliant connectivity for all of their fixed and mobile point-of-sale terminals.

Controlled by one single FortiGate security appliance, which also serves as a Wi-Fi controller, the wireless system provides self-service Wi-Fi access to visitors through a social Wi-Fi login from visitors’ mobile devices. Completely segregated from point-of-sales and staff networks, the guest network gives visitors secure Internet access by opting-in using an email address or Facebook ID.

On login, visitors arrive at a landing page, where Bobbejaanland can make real-time offers – promoting anything from high-margin merchandise to food and beverage discount coupons, even venue-specific offers which encourage visitors to go to certain rides or shops.

Working with Fortinet, Bobbejaanland is building a qualified list of customers with zero cost of acquisition. During its off-season, the attraction park can leverage that customers list to promote season passes, upcoming events and new attractions. And when repeat visitors return to the park, Bobbejaanland is able to combine presence and big data analytics, to further profile their visitors, enabling even more targeted offers in future. “We have only scratched the surface of what we can do with the opt-in list and visitor analytics the Fortinet Wi-Fi system allows us to capture,.” comments Niels Meeus, IT Manager at Bobbejaanland.

In August 2014, Bobbejaanland deployed Fortinet’s FortiPresence, a real-time visitor presence analytics system which, controlled by a FortiGate security appliance, allows them to track visitor density minute-by-minute on site. It works by passively detecting the presence of Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices and plotting heat-maps to show where visitors are distributed around the park. The attraction park can therefore examine average dwell time, traffic flows and more.

Around 60-80% of visitors have Wi-Fi enabled on their phones,” notes Meeus. “The Fortinet solution gives us amazing data for making real-time decisions. Throughout the day, park operations staff can watch the heat-maps, and direct mobile vendors, entertainers and cleaning crews to service high-density areas. While in low-density areas, they can delay opening a ride, lower ride frequency, or close early, reducing operational costs and equipment wear and tear.”

“We are pleased to count Bobbejaanland among our customers, which further proves our solutions are ideal for meeting the growing security and connectivity requirements of the retail industry,” said Patrice Perche, senior vice president of sales and support for international region at Fortinet. “Our Fortinet’s Presence analytics solution uniquely combines statistical analytics with a sophisticated customer engagement engine, giving retailers like Bobbejaanland vital intelligence for activity planning but also enabling new-media marketing by driving engagement and sales through social Wi-Fi opt-ins.”

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