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Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Fortinet for Global Cyber Threat Analysis and Reporting, and Managed Security Service Provider Market Leadership
Posted: Mon Oct 20, 2014 01:40:49 PM


Fortinet discovers more zero-day vulnerabilities than any other network security vendor in the industry

SUNNYVALE, Calif., October 20, 2014 – Fortinet® (NASDAQ: FTNT) – Fortinet, a global leader in High Performance Network Security, today announced that it received two awards from Frost & Sullivan – the 2014 Global Cyber Threat Analysis and Reporting Enabling Technology Leadership Award, and a Market Leadership Award for the Managed Security Service Provider Market. Both awards exemplify Fortinet’s strengths in advanced threat research and in turning its threat research into industry best network security solutions for managed security service providers (MSSPs).

“Fortinet has done a tremendous job in elevating its threat research capabilities, as well as leveraging their threat intelligence into solutions for their enterprise customers and MSSP partners,” said Frank Dickson, industry principal at Frost & Sullivan. “Both of these awards demonstrate Fortinet’s leadership, innovation and ability to provide best practices that benefit all users, ranging from midsize businesses to global service providers.”

FortiGuard Labs – Center of Excellence for Threat Research

Cyber threat analysis and threat management and reporting enables security professionals to better understand and defend against cyber criminals, malware and advanced threats. As well, when coupled with vulnerability research, IT professionals are armed with critical information for preventing attacks that target susceptible systems and applications.

With more than 200 dedicated research analysts, engineers and forensic specialists, FortiGuard Labs is the global threat research arm of Fortinet. In 2013, the FortiGuard Labs group discovered 18 critical zero-day vulnerabilities – more than any other network security vendor in the industry. To date, more than 140 zero-day vulnerabilities have been identified. Upon discovering potentially high-impact threats, the FortiGuard team develops measures to block those threats and deploys those preventative measures to Fortinet customers.

In a typical minute, Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs will neutralize 15,000 malware programs, intercept 55,000 spam emails, thwart over 600,000 network intrusion attempts, shut down 94,000 botnet command and control attempts, and block access requests to 150,000 malicious websites – again, all of this in just one minute.

“We are pleased to receive this best practices award from Frost & Sullivan, which reflects the success story our world class threat research team has forged for well over a decade on the front lines of cyber security.,” said Derek Manky, global security strategist for FortiGuard Labs. “Our dedicated research benefits not only all Fortinet customers through 24x7 advanced threat protection, but the industry as a whole as we strategically fight cyber crime.”

Fortinet – Leading Provider to the MSSP Market

In the report, Frost & Sullivan states, “Fortinet has achieved a dominant position with MSSPs with its FortiGate line of high performance firewalls, next-gen firewalls and Unified Threat Management (UTMs). In Frost & Sullivan’s recent ranking of over 60 network security platforms, the FortiGate line scored the highest possible ranking among North American MSSPs.”

Hardware flexibility, operating system uniformity and a powerful multi-tenant management platform are core reasons that FortiGate product line enjoys high adoption by MSSPs. All of the FortiGate firewall platforms run the same operating system (OS). A FortiGate 60D running at a retail branch has the same OS as a multi-tenant platform running in the core of a telecom provider.

Fortinet’s FortiGate firewall appliances are well suited to the needs of MSSPs as they provide a rich set of features and security controls. In addition to stateful firewall functionality, the FortiGate platform provides security services such as application control, intrusion prevention, antimalware, Web filtering, advanced threat protection, application control and more. Not only does service bundling within a single platform provide value to the MSSP (e.g., more services to offer its customer base), but also in managing these security services from a single management console reduces operational expense and support costs for MSSPs.

In addition to a common OS and a single pane-of-glass management platform, there are other steps that Fortinet takes to reduce “soft” costs. Fortinet’s centralized management platform supports advanced plug-ins and APIs, which allows MSSPs to integrate customized portals for customers, and leverage automated provisioning and orchestration tools for large scale deployments.

"Fortinet is the leading vendor to MSSPs for a multitude of reasons, ranging from unbeatable performance, ease of management, flexibility, scalability, and of course, competitive pricing,” said Stephan Tallent, director of managed security service providers at Fortinet. “This report further validates and affirms Fortinet’s commitment to the MSSP market and our continual drive to innovate and execute on enterprise network security solutions."

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