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Fortinet Nationwide "Fast and Secure Tour" Mobilizes Network Security
Posted: Wed Jun 18, 2014 02:13:22 PM


Fortinet Takes to the Road with New Articulated 18 Wheeler, the FortiExpress, to Demonstrate Fortinet's Enterprise High Performance, Integrated Network Security Platform.

SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 18, 2014 - Fortinet (NASDAQ: FTNT) - a global leader in high-performance network security, is taking enterprise network security on the road. Today the company unveiled the FortiExpress, a highly sophisticated, articulated 18-wheeled mobile showcase that brings Fortinet's Network Security Platform to life. The FortiExpress is set to travel nationwide as part of Fortinet's "Fast and Secure Tour" with its first stop at the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit, June 23-26.

"Packed with an array of advanced security technologies that would make Optimus Prime blush, the FortiExpress puts Fortinet's Network Security Platform on the map - literally," said John Maddison, vice president of marketing at Fortinet. “The 'Fast and Secure Tour' gives our partners an exciting and new way to demonstrate the latest in network security, including next-generation firewalls, advanced threat protection appliances, web application firewalls, DDoS solutions, and much, much more.”

Fortinet - Delivering and Extending High Performance, Integrated Network Security

The "Fast and Secure Tour" will showcase Fortinet's innovation and prowess to deliver and extend enterprise network security. Fortinet is the only company to deliver integrated, high-performance core, edge, access and cloud security, as well as extend network security to encompass advanced threat protection, application security, secure wireless and secure SDN offerings.

Globally renowned for high performance, Fortinet leads the industry with Ferrari-fast firewalls that provide M1 Abrams tank-like protection. The first gear of the FortiExpress is exemplified by Fortinet's core firewalls - represented by the high-performance, low-latency FortiGate 3700D,which is capable of delivering 160 Gbps firewall throughput coupled with 40Gb Ethernet ports. Complementing this are Fortinet's enterprise edge (or next-generation) firewalls, such as theFortiGate 1500D, which leverage the most powerful hardware in the industry, and UTM access firewalls, such as the FortiGate 140D, which provide unparalleled flexibility. And of course, all of these are available as virtual appliances, too.

Adding a turbo boost to extend network security is the FortiSandbox family of advanced threat protection (ATP) appliances, which augments Fortinet's firewall lineup. The FortiSandbox provides award-winning protection against highly targeted and sophisticated attacks that often bypass traditional defenses.

The second gear of the FortiExpress is built around extending network security with Fortinet's Application Delivery Network Services (ADNS). This includes Fortinet's Application Deliver Controllers (FortiADC), web application firewalls (FortiWeb), global server load balancing (FortiDirector) and distributed denial of service attack mitigation (FortiDDoS) appliances.

Third gear is all about management and secure access. Here FortiManager security management appliances pave the way to allow for central management of thousands of Fortinet security appliances, including FortiGate, FortiWiFi, FortiAPs and FortiCarrier.

The “Fast and Secure Tour” will be making early pit stops at the following cities:

  • July 11 - Washington D.C.
  • July 21 - Washington Dulles Airport
  • July 28 - Ottawa, Canada
  • August 11 - Denver, Colorado

The FortiExpress will be traveling from coast to coast. To request the FortiExpress to stop at your town, please go to

Maddison concludes, “There is nothing like the FortiExpress. Customers and partners will want to see cutting edge security in action, right in their town. It’s one thing to give a demo online, but nothing beats face-to-face interaction, and we’re excited to be in the industry’s driver seat, taking network security to new places.”

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