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Fortinet Invests in and Partners with HyTrust
Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2013 02:49:46 PM

Initiative Further Demonstrates Fortinet’s Commitment to Virtualization and Data Center Security.

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- August 27, 2013 -- Fortinet® (NASDAQ: FTNT), a world leader in high-performance network security, today announced it has invested in and partnered with HyTrust, the Cloud Security Automation Company based in Mountain View, California.

HyTrust’s products and services deliver the real-time control, security, administrative account monitoring, and logging and compliance assurances that are necessary to enable the benefits of cloud adoption and virtualization of critical workloads.

Eric Chiu, president and founder of HyTrust, said: “High profile security breaches and data leaks, such as those highly publicized recently, have resulted in greater awareness of the new risk landscape. Virtualized cloud environments introduce different security threats; what’s worse is that they consolidate risk in unprecedented ways, such that a single incident can easily turn into a datacenter disaster. This is the new reality that HyTrust has been talking about for some time; and the good news is that organizations are becoming more strategic about implementing controls that limit and monitor access to their systems and sensitive data, thereby mitigating advanced internal and external threats and risk. HyTrust solves issues like these, ensuring the proper controls are in place.” Chiu continued: “Fortinet is a security innovation leader, and we look forward to working with the company to deliver the best possible security for enterprise and government customers.”

Fortinet’s investment and partnership demonstrate Fortinet’s commitment to cloud security automation and Role-Based Monitoring (RBM).

“HyTrust is a strategic investment for Fortinet as it addresses two major federal government initiatives: consolidation and data breach prevention,” said Steve Kirk, VP Federal Operations at Fortinet. “Consolidation mandates are resulting in data centers rapidly being virtualized and moved to the cloud. Data leaks are also a major concern. HyTrust provides critical security, control, management and compliance capabilities to address these issues.”

Fortinet Virtual Appliance Advantage

FortiGate® virtual appliances and virtual domains enable the deployment of consolidated network security to protect virtual infrastructure and increase visibility and control over communications within virtualized environments.

Flexible and Scalable

Fortinet virtual appliances can be scaled quickly to meet demand and protect intra-virtual machine communications by implementing critical security controls within a virtual infrastructure, running on VMware, Citrix and open source Xen. FortiGate virtual appliances feature all of the security and networking services common to traditional hardware-based FortiGate appliances. With the addition of virtual appliances from Fortinet, users can deploy a mix of hardware and virtual appliances, operating together and can be managed from a common centralized management platform. Additional virtual appliances that have hardware appliance counterparts include FortiManager™, FortiMail™, FortiAnalyzer™, FortiWeb™, FortiAuthenticator, FortiADC, FortiCache and FortiScan™.


Fortinet virtual and physical appliances also enable network segmentation into multi-tenant environments. This enables the creation of virtual domains and virtual administrative domains in order to segregate a network into separate domains for subscribers or business units. FortiGate, FortiManager, FortiMail, and FortiWeb appliances and virtual appliances support virtual domains and virtual administrative domains.

Control and Visibility

FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer deliver centralized management, visibility and analysis of networks and current threat profiles. Together, they provide the integrated visibility and control needed to secure physical and virtualized infrastructures. In addition, real-time automatic updates from FortiGuard® services keep organizations protected from the latest threats.

Fortinet invested in HyTrust’s Series C Preferred Stock round of financing. Additional companies contributing to this investing in HyTrust’s Series C announcement round of financing include Granite Ventures, Cisco Systems, Trident Capital, Epic Ventures, Intel Capital, VMware and In-Q-Tel. The specific details of the investment and partnership were not disclosed.

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