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Fortinet Positioned in the Leaders Quadrant for 2013 Unified Threat Management
Posted: Fri Jul 26, 2013 02:14:59 PM

Evaluation Based on Completeness of Vision and Ability to Execute.

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- July 26, 2013 -- Fortinet® (NASDAQ: FTNT) - a world leader in high-performance network security – today announced that Gartner, Inc., has positioned Fortinet in the Leaders quadrant of the 2013 Unified Threat Management Magic Quadrant¹ for the fifth consecutive year. The full report is available here:

“Relentless innovation and uncompromised dedication to delivering the best software and hardware engineering are the reasons why Fortinet believes we continue to lead the UTM market,” said Ken Xie, founder and CEO of Fortinet. “As network performance and security requirements have evolved, the FortiGate platform has kept pace with new features that provide the high speed protection networks need against targeted attacks and the latest advanced persistent threats. No other security platform offers the same high performance, strong security, integrated networking, industry certifications and ease of management that drive the industry and help keep business networks, applications and data safe.”

UTM – Market Definition

Gartner defines the UTM market as multifunction network security products used by small or midsize businesses (SMBs). Typically, midsize businesses have 100 to 1,000 employees with revenue ranging from $50 million to $1 billion. UTM products for the SMB market must provide the following functions at a minimum: standard network stateful firewall functions, Remote access and site-to-site virtual private network (VPN) support, secure web gateway (SWG) functionality (anti-malware, URL and Application Control) and network intrusion prevention (IPS) focused on workstation protection.

Worldwide UTM Revenue

According to the report, for 2012, Gartner estimates that worldwide revenue in the UTM market totaled approximately $1.53 billion, which represents an 18.7% growth over the analyst’s estimate for 2011². Gartner believes that the UTM market will continue to grow faster than many other security markets, but the analyst firm also sees a number of trends applying downward pressure on market growth. Regardless, Gartner forecasts continued growth in the UTM market of approximately 15% compound annual growth rate through 2018.

Fortinet – High Performance Network Security

The key to Fortinet’s UTM leadership positioning and strength is the FortiGate high performance network security platform. Here, FortiGate appliances provide unmatched performance and protection while reducing total cost of ownership and simplifying management by enabling multiple security functions to be managed from a single pane of glass. FortiGate appliances leverage advanced software capabilities from its FortiOS 5 operating system, which gives administrators unparalleled visibility, security capability and end user control.

The FortiOS Advantage

FortiOS is a security-hardened, purpose-built Operating System that is the foundation of all FortiGate® network security platforms. It can be used across large or small enterprise infrastructures.

More Protection - Advanced Threat Protection for Fighting Advanced Persistent Threats - FortiOS 5 includes a new, advanced modern malware detection system for identifying and mitigating Advanced Persistent Threats. Together with superior, industry-validated antivirus signatures, FortiOS 5 delivers a multi-layered approach to dealing with today’s most dangerous security threats, including:

  • FortiGuard Antivirus Engine, which identifies standard AV threats and also uses advanced heuristics and sandboxing to determine malicious behavior
  • FortiGuard Analytics, which identifies zero-day wares for further analysis in the cloud
  • FortiGuard Botnet Database, which contains up-to-date information about IP reputations and prevents remote command and control communications
  • Fortinet Web Filtering, which uses URL matching and advanced DNS-based web filters to identify potentially harmful websites

More Control – Feature Select for Simplifying Configurations and Deployments. With FortiOS 5 Feature Select, enterprises can quickly and easily configure their FortiGate appliances based on their unique business and security requirements. These preset configurations are enabled with a single click at the time of system setup or at any time during the system’s deployment. Configuration options include:

  • FW - includes high-speed firewall and VPN
  • NGFW - includes firewall, intrusion prevention and application control
  • ATP - includes advanced threat protection and endpoint control
  • WF - includes Web filtering and explicit proxy
  • NGFW + ATA - includes NGFW and ATP features
  • UTM - includes all previously mentioned features plus email filtering, data loss prevention and vulnerability scanning

More Intelligence – Contextual Visibility for Enhanced Security Reporting and Management. FortiOS 5 delivers deeper insights into historic or real-time network activities using detailed analytics. Data that can be extracted includes IP and Port, geographical IP, session type, user names, network usage, network coverage and the types of applications and devices that are connecting to the network. With this, administrators can use correlated data to identify top clients associated with particular threats and further isolate suspicious Websites and IP addresses.

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