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Fortinet® Expands Innovative Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) Partner Program
Posted: Wed Jul 10, 2013 02:32:45 PM

Americas Program Includes New Preferred Pricing, Dedicated Support and Enhanced Marketing Programs; Lands 20 New Partners in 31 Days

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- July 10, 2013 -- Fortinet® (NASDAQ: FTNT) - a world leader in high-performance network security – upped the ante in the MSSP market with today’s unveiling of a new, four-point program that gives Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) in the Americas beneficial pricing, dedicated technical support and MSSP-specific marketing programs. And, from the program’s soft launch on June 10 to today’s formal release, 20 new partners have already signed up for the program.

According to the latest Frost & Sullivan research reports, the global MSSP market for 2013 is expected to be $9.5 billion with a growth rate of 19.6 percent. Fortinet holds a unique position in this market by providing MSSPs with high-performance, flexible and easy to manage network security solutions that scale from small business to large enterprise environments.

More Than Just Innovative Hardware

“A successful MSSP must utilize a broad approach to managing their customers’ business-critical security needs that often includes pre-deployment planning, security configurations, 24/7 management, incidence response and reporting,” said Brian Stoner , vice president of business development for Solutionary, which is to be acquired by NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation) the world's largest global IT and telecommunications services company and is ranked 29th on Fortune's Global 500 list. “Rather than using cobbled together point products to provide with our MSSP offering, we chose Fortinet, because they were the only network security vendor to offer a completely integrated, consolidated and centrally managed security solution.”

“Beyond pre-sales support and enhanced back end management capabilities, an MSSP also requires a partner that can provide the specialized support it needs to meet growing business demands,” said Peter Kujawa, division president for Locknet – A Division of EO Johnson Office Technologies. “In addition to providing that and more, Fortinet has demonstrated that they are an experienced practitioner that understands key MSSP components, such as product development, pricing and deployment, as well as marketing and sales operations.”

Fortinet Security, optimized for MSSPs

The Fortinet MSSP Partner Program (FMPP) consists of two partner designations; Platinum and Gold MSSP. The program was designed to facilitate the growth of new and existing MSSPs through infrastructure enablement, go-to-market and specialized expert-consultative support. This tiered structure was built to suit the business models and operational capacities of partners ranging from smaller security integration companies to pure-play MSSPs and the largest telecommunications providers.

The program focuses on four core support components:

  • OPEX Model Enablement - Special discounts, financing and service empowerment options – The CAPEX required for MSSP infrastructure can be a growth inhibitor. One of the key benefits an MSSP provides to their customers is the offset of CAPEX costs. However, the provider bears the cost of setting up the service until an ROI can be realized. These costs often represent a significant investment to providers looking to offer an OPEX model of managed security service to their customers. The Fortinet MSSP Partner Program offers a preferred pricing structure, promotional discounts and distribution programs, keeping partner costs low, enabling them to offer competitive services while maintaining healthy margins.
  • Product Development - Service creation, pricing and launch support – Managed security services need to be built to succeed within the partner’s target market, structured for what they can effectively support and designed to meet future security demands. To achieve success; services, price points, SLAs, support requirements and cost of goods must align with market demand. Existing services often need to be updated to reflect advanced threat protection requirements and service options. The Fortinet MSSP Partner Program brings to the table a bevy of market intelligence and industry best practices based on exposure to a broad variety of MSSPs, business models and trending security technologies.
  • Marketing, and Sales Support - Lead Generation & Go-to-market – Successful sales is critical to a profitable MSS practice. Once the service is created, it must be marketed and delivered to new and current customers through a service-oriented sales approach. This can be a challenge for organizations more accustomed to product sales or that have limited managed security sales experience. The Fortinet MSSP Partner Program brings to bear a dedicated team, experienced in MSS sales training and support, that acts as an expert overlay to the partners’ existing Fortinet sales team.
  • MSSP Specialized Support - Experienced practitioners, training, and resources – MSSP business models are very sensitive to support issues, as a single problem can affect multiple customers. MSSPs require rapid response to support issues as a service interruption could be costly in terms of lost customers and SLA remedies. Service efficiencies and self-service portals can greatly reduce operating expenses and improve customer satisfaction. The Fortinet MSSP Partner Program integrates service provider quality resources and tools plus a support overlay to assist in building these efficiencies into the business. Along with specialized training, MSSP Cookbook, Toolkit and Library, Fortinet MSSP Partner Program resources help facilitate successful operations and positive revenue growth.

Fortinet MSSP Partner Program participants are eligible for infrastructure and support discounts, co-branding and go-to-market support, which includes lead generation, co-branded materials and regional events and enhanced partner page visibility that includes a dedicated MSSP team and access to the MSSP Cookbook and resource library.

High Performance Network Security

Fortinet’s high performance FortiGate network security platforms are the backbone of the Fortinet MSSP security portfolio; providing scalable, customizable advanced security controls such as application control, intrusion prevention, advanced threat protection, Web content filtering and data leak prevention in a single, high-performance appliance and /or virtual appliance.

When coupled with a FortiManager for single pane of glass management and FortiAnalyzer or FortiCloud for reporting, service providers have a single platform to leverage for deployment, configuration and management of their subscriber networks. Fortinet also leads the industry in advanced security technologies such as DDOS, wireless, two factor authentication, Web application firewall and load balancing. These advanced technologies complement the core FortiGate platform with additional security services that help MSSPs keep their customers’ networks protected against emerging threats while increasing service revenues and improving service efficiencies.

The Fortinet Advantage

Fortinet is also leading the way with its network security platform integration into Cloud, Virtualized and Software Defined Networks (SDNs). Many carriers and MSSPs are consolidating and re-architecting their data centers using this technology to increase the value of their service offerings and reduce costs. Fortinet is committed to delivering a range of interfaces, functions and APIs native to their network security platform, which simplifies management while at the same time helping them maintain their security posture.

MSSPs also require the highest levels of confidentiality, data integrity and reliability, meaning industry certifications that ensure hardware meets the highest standards for performance and security are essential. Fortinet has more certifications than any vendor in the industry, meeting the stringent requirements of trusted authorities such as Common Criteria, FIPS, NEBS, ICSA Labs, NSS Labs, IPv6, Virus Bulletin and others.

“Our solutions are highly scalable, allowing providers to start small and grow their business as their customer base grows,” said Stephan Tallent, director, Managed Security Service Providers – Americas for Fortinet. “Fortinet built the FortiGate line of security appliances and the accompanying management and reporting solutions specifically to address the requirements of managed security service provider demands and their customers, giving an MSSP everything it needs to realize greater business efficiencies and higher profit margins.”

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