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Fortinet Boosts Network Security Management, Reporting and Logging with New Feature Enhancements and Appliance Models
Posted: Tue May 28, 2013 02:38:27 PM

New Product Features and Models Expand Fortinet’s Versatile and Adaptive Network Security Management Solution.

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- May 28, 2013 -- Fortinet® (NASDAQ: FTNT) - a world leader in high-performance network security – today announced several significant feature enhancements to its line of FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer products for midsized to large, distributed enterprises and MSSPs. These enhancements help organizations address the need for a versatile security management solution that can adapt to constantly evolving business requirements, technology changes and the dynamic threat landscape.

FortiManager allows IT administrators to centrally manage the policies and configurations of distributed FortiGate®, FortiWiFi™, and FortiAP devices while FortiAnalyzer enables logging, reporting and analysis for enhanced network visibility and compliance. The range of hardware and cloud-based options, coupled with simple pricing models and feature-rich technology, give organizations the ability to deploy the right solution for their requirements.

Compelling Software Enhancements

The following new features were added as part of the 5.0.2 firmware releases:


  • Log Arrays that allow logical device groupings for viewing aggregate logs and running reports
  • New Reports for client reputation, Web filtering, dial-up/SSL VPN users and PCI compliance
  • Report Import and Export, which enables chart and report portability between different Administrative Domains (ADOMS) and devices
  • Enhanced GUI for viewing logs, defining alert conditions and it features a dataset tester for helping users experiment with queries


  • FortiGuard Management Tab allows users to manage content security and firmware updates from FortiGuard Labs
  • Administrative Domain (ADOM) Revisions enable users to create, view, revert and compare any ADOM policy package changes
  • Object Searching helps to determine where specific firewall and policy objects are used
  • Increased License Limits on FortiManager Virtual Appliance means users have daily storage and device licensing increases without an extra increase in costs
  • Quick Install for Multiple Devices allows updates to be made to multiple devices quickly

With these new features, FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer continue to address the constantly evolving business requirements, technological changes and dynamic threat landscape facing today's networks. Organizations of all sizes need a security management solution that can adapt to these changes and allow them to stay secure amidst their network's continued evolution.

“Current business requirements do not always match future business needs. The ability to quickly deploy or rearchitect a management and logging infrastructure, customize enterprise environments, reduce licensing complexities and provision storage dynamically are all paramount for today’s midsize and enterprise-level organizations,” said John Maddison, vice president of marketing for Fortinet. “These principles are key tenets of our versatile and adaptive management solution.”

New Models and Availability

In addition to the introduction of new software enhancements, Fortinet also added several new models to its management product offering.

  • FortiAnalyzer-300D - Targeting midsized businesses, the FortiAnalyzer-300D is licensed for up to 15 GB per day of log storage and includes 4 TB of storage. It can either act as a standalone logging/reporting device or as a "collector," which acts as a log forwarder in larger distributed environments
  • FortiAnalyzer-3000D - Built for enterprise deployments, the FortiAnalyzer-3000D is capable of processing up to 150 GB per day of log storage and comes with 16 TB of storage. Similar to the FortiAnalyzer-300D, the FortiAnalyzer-3000D can operate in different modes thus offering a versatile set of deployment scenarios
  • FortiManager-300D - The FortiManager-300D is for midsized organizations and is capable of managing up to 300 FortiGate devices. Additionally, the FortiManager-300D includes FortiAnalyzer logging and reporting for smaller environments looking to consolidate management/reporting functions
  • FortiManager-4000D – The FortiManager-4000D is built for large distributed enterprises with hundreds of policies and up to 4,000 FortiGates under management. Like the FortiManager-300D, the FortiManager-4000D includes FortiAnalyzer logging and reporting, but is tailor-made for midsized businesses looking to consolidate management and reporting roles.




The FortiAnalyzer-300D, FortiAnalyzer-3000D, FortiManager-300D and FortiManager-4000D are available now. Updates to FortiAnalyzer and FortiManager firmware are available for download from

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