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Fortinet Beefs Up Enterprise Management Capabilities for FortiGate
Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2009 12:56:00 PM
New FortiManager 4.0 and FortiAnalyzer 4.0 Firmware Improve Performance, Scalability & Usability for Large Enterprise Environments. Fortinet - a market-leading network security provider and worldwide leader of unified threat management (UTM) solutions – today announced enhancements to its centralized management portfolio with the new software release of FortiManager™ 4.0 and FortiAnalyzer™ 4.0, which significantly improve the enterprise management capabilities of Fortinet’s FortiGate® multi-threat security appliances. The new software releases of Fortinet’s management and analysis platforms correspond to the FortiGate FortiOS 4.0 operating system introduced earlier this year.

FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer appliances provide a single hub for network and security administrators to define, deploy, monitor and manage Fortinet security devices. They also provide the means to oversee security events, perform forensic analysis and generate fully customizable graphical reports that detail the security posture of an enterprise network. With the 4.0 software releases for FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer platforms, Fortinet has improved the performance, scalability and usability of its centralized management portfolio and provides the basis for the success and ongoing efficient operation of an enterprise security infrastructure.

"The growing adoption of FortiGate integrated security appliances among large-scale enterprise and carrier customers required us to incorporate advanced functionality on our management and analysis platforms to meet the evolving demands and complexities of these environments," said Anthony James, vice president, products, Fortinet. "FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer 4.0 are industrial strength products that enable network administrators greater functionality and performance in an elegant, centralized solution."

Enterprise Strength
The Fortinet centralized management portfolio, comprised of FortiManager 4.0 and FortiAnalyzer 4.0, offer the following new enhancements:

* Improvements in the performance and scalability of FortiManager 4.0 software allow administrators to deploy and manage thousands of FortiGate devices within the network and from a single FortiManager platform.
* Improved workflow in FortiManager 4.0 software allows administrators to reduce the amount of work required to manage a large number of devices. In addition to device-centric management, the new centralized policy model allows for a single policy to be deployed to any or all devices under management.
* Improved disaster recovery features, including full support for redundant and geographically separate FortiManager devices, mean faster recovery of the security infrastructure in the event of a major disaster.
* Improved correlation between vulnerabilities and security policy is enabled with FortiAnalyzer 4.0 software, which now includes a vulnerability management (VM) component. Reports demonstrate not only vulnerabilities discovered by the service, but also provide guidance on adjusting the security policy of Fortinet devices to protect against those vulnerabilities. The new VM component is kept up to date through Fortinet’s FortiGuard® Vulnerability Management Service.
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