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Fortinet Gains NEBS Level 3 Compliance for Carrier-Class Security Appliances
Posted: Fri Sep 18, 2009 11:42:00 AM
Fortinet - a market-leading network security provider and worldwide leader of unified threat management (UTM) solutions - today announced that certain appliances within its FortiGate-5000 Series multi-threat security product line have gained NEBS Level 3 compliance - a requirement for operation of carrier-class equipment in the central offices of major telecommunications companies. NEBS compliance is ascertained through a collection of independently administered tests that measure the tolerance of hardware equipment in extreme environmental, electrical and physical conditions. NEBS is recognized by the major telecommunications companies around the world.

As a result of rigorous testing performed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., the FortiGate-5140D chassis, with FortiGate-5001A-DW and FortiSwitch-5003A modules, were found to have met all mandatory Telcordia GR-1089 and GR063 requirements and are therefore considered to be NEBS Level 3 compliant.

"The FortiGate-5000 Series is a high-performance, chassis-based product line that was designed for the stringent requirements of carrier-class equipment; we are very pleased to have the ruggedness of this product line verified with NEBS Level 3 compliancy," said Anthony James, vice president of product marketing, Fortinet. "Our enterprise and carrier customers around the world have successfully deployed the FortiGate-5000 Series for many years, but the NEBS Level 3 compliance now gives them even greater assurance of the reliability of their Fortinet network security infrastructure."
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