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Fortinet Introduces “System-on-a-Chip” (SOC) Architecture Delivering up to 1 Gbps Firewall Performance at Breakthrough Price Point
Posted: Thu Jul 15, 2010 02:37:00 PM
New FortiGate-60C Multi-Threat Security Appliances First to Employ New Architecture; the High Performance Appliances Also Bring Storage Expansion and 3G Connectivity to Customers.

July 13, 2010 - Fortinet® - a leading network security provider and a worldwide leader of unified threat management (UTM) solutions – today announced the FortiGate®-60C and FortiWifi™-60C, new multi-threat security appliances designed for small branch offices of distributed enterprises, SOHOs and small businesses, and service providers delivering managed services in customer premise equipment (CPE) deployments. The new appliances deliver enterprise-grade security performance at a breakthrough price point -- delivering a tenfold increase in firewall throughput over its predecessors -- and include the full version of FortiOS 4.0 MR2 firmware. Unlike comparably-priced competitive UTM devices, FortiGate-60C and FortiWifi-60C appliances feature a secure digital high capacity (SDHC) card slot for storage expansion, 3G network connectivity, local logging and reporting, WAN optimization and simplified set-up through its USB interface.

The FortiGate-60C appliances’ high performance can be attributed to Fortinet’s innovative System-on-a-Chip (SOC) architecture, which combines a traditional system CPU with Fortinet’s proprietary FortiASIC™ content and network processors. As a result, the appliance delivers much more efficient content inspection processing and 1 Gbps of firewall inspection performance.

To maximize deployment flexibility, the FortiGate-60C and FortiWifi-60C incorporate a SDHC card slot and ExpressCard slot for 3G wireless communications. The appliances include 4GB of SDHC storage for event logging. The ExpressCard slot supports a 3G wireless card for secure mobile deployments or redundant WAN connections to ensure data availability. In addition, like other FortiGate appliances, the FortiGate-60C can be remotely managed by the FortiManager™ and FortiAnalyzer™ platforms. The FortiGate-60C and FortiWifi-60C also simplify initial set-up and ongoing configuration using their USB interface and embedded FortiExplorer set-up software. The FortiExplorer wizard automatically launches when the appliance is connected to a Microsoft Windows PC and allows basic configuration to deploy devices onto the network or make configuration changes.

“Our customers demand that we provide best-in-class multi-threat protection that combines high performance firewall functionality and multiple security services in an affordable, easy-to-manage and deploy appliance,” said Cristopher Daniluk, President at Rhythmic Technologies, a Fortinet Gold partner. “The FortiGate-60C is the embodiment of our end-user requirements given its exceptional price/performance, extensive range of security services packaged in a single footprint and remote management capabilities.”

Versatile Appliance for Multiple Customer Environments
The new FortiGate-60C and FortiWifi-60C appliances are ideally suited to enterprise branch or small office deployments in retail, financial services, healthcare and regional government markets. The enterprise-grade, multi-threat protection the appliances provide is comparable to higher-end FortiGate appliances that are designed for large enterprise and carrier environments.

Like other Fortinet security appliances, the FortiGate-60C and FortiWifi-60C provide a broad array of security services enabled by the recently announced FortiOS™ 4.0 MR2 operating system. In addition to functioning as a dedicated enterprise-class firewall with tightly integrated IPS and complete content protection (CCP), the appliances can be deployed with any combination of IPSec/SSL VPN, antivirus/anti-malware, Web filtering, anti-spam, data loss prevention, and voice security services, all determined by the customer for maximum deployment flexibility.

A growing security need among SOHOs, small businesses, and distributed enterprises is greater identification and control over modern Web-based applications that can masquerade as trusted communications. Consequently, through complete content protection (CCP), the FortiGate-60C and FortiWifi-60C provide the ability to enforce rigorous and granular security policies down to the application level, independent of port or protocol. This is made possible through the integration of content-aware security technologies into the firewall to identify threats.

“Fortinet’s innovative SOC architecture makes the FortiGate-60C and FortiWifi-60C two of our most versatile security appliances capable of addressing the multi-threat protection needs of a wide range of customer environments and market segments,” said Michael Xie, founder, CTO and vice president of engineering at Fortinet. “Now SOHO, small business, distributed enterprises and service provider customers alike can enjoy the benefits of an ultra-high performance security appliance without breaking the bank.”
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