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Fortinet Introduces Next-Generation Operating System for FortiMail Email Security Family
Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2013 03:04:31 PM


New, Performance Leading and Feature Rich FortiMail-200D and FortiMail-3000D Email Security Appliances Help Protect Against Message-Borne Threats.

SUNNYVALE, Calif., March 12, 2013 - Fortinet® (NASDAQ: FTNT) - a world leader in high-performance network security - today introduced the next-generation operating system for its family of FortiMail email security appliances that provides important new security advancements to help protect against increasingly malicious message-borne threats. Designed for MSSPs, ISPs and enterprises, the new FortiMail 5.0 OS, which is compatible with the current family of FortiMail email security appliances, features critical security advancements that include new groupware functionality and comprehensive Web filtering and content protection. In addition, the new OS provides enhancements specifically designed for MSSPs seeking to expand their security portfolio beyond firewall, VPN and IPS services.

"Email continues to be an easy entry point for hackers and cybercriminals who cleverly target individuals within an organization,” said Chris Rodriguez, Senior Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “As MSSPs and service providers continue to take on the role of email protection, they need tools and resources, like those offered by Fortinet, that best arm and complement their service offerings."

In conjunction with the FortiMail 5.0 rollout, Fortinet is also introducing two new email security appliances: the FortiMail-200D, designed for SMBs and the FortiMail-3000D, designed for carriers, service providers and large enterprises. The unique architecture of FortiMail provides real time inspection and blocking to stop email threats with as little resource impact as possible, often at the connection level. The architecture also removes the need for mail queuing if the destination mail server is available, which enables significant performance improvement over competing solutions. FortiMail has been proven to meet the requirements many of the world’s largest carriers and is the highest performing email security solution in the industry, delivering message protection for over 28 million messages per hour in a single appliance.

Additional FortiMail competitive differentiators include:

  • Filtering performance: More horsepower is available to cascade and execute a high number of innovative antispam techniques such as URL filtering and suspicious newsletter detection, which results in consistent Virus Bulletin VBSpam award certification.
  • Depth and breadth of features: FortiMail concentrates a number of mail services on a single platform, including encryption, quarantine, archiving, AV/AS/content filtering, in/out email rate control, management and reporting.
  • Service continuity: FortiMail’s unique active-passive and active-active clustering options provide seamless failover and business continuity. Not only is configuration synchronized, but mail data can be replicated as well. In addition, FortiMail offers unmatched queuing capacity. In the case of mail server downtime FortiMail can hold a large number of emails to cover multiple days/weeks of unavailability.

New Features in FortiMail 5.0

FortiMail 5 delivers three new compelling feature sets:

  • Groupware functionality: Calendaring and address book capabilities have been added, which enable FortiMail appliances to be deployed as fully functional mail servers with built-in security. The new OS also enables FortiMail appliances to operate in either a transparent and/or gateway mode, either as CPE or in the cloud, to offer customers the greatest deployment flexibility
  • Complete FortiGuard® Category Web Filtering and Content Protection: Designed to protect customers from inappropriate or unwanted Web content, FortiGuard URL Database Categories are based upon Web content viewing suitability. Integrated within FortiMail 5.0, this capability provides real-time updates that enable administrators to apply highly granular policies that filter Web access based on 79 Web content categories and over 100 million rated Websites. Continuous updates are provided via the global FortiGuard distribution network
  • MSSP-specific enhancements: FortiMail appliances running the new FortiMail 5.0 OS deliver a highly scalable, centrally managed, multi-tenant email protection solution for MSSPs seeking value-added email security services that can be deployed quickly with minimal CAPEX and operational costs. The new features also allow greater resource partitioning and protection, which gives MSSPs more detailed analytics to assist in customer billing and resource usage.

In addition to addressing the email security needs of MSSPs, FortiMail appliances equipped with the new FortiMail 5.0 operating system are ideally suited for ISPs in need of filtering outgoing spam to protect their IP infrastructure from being blacklisted in order to preserve customer satisfaction. FortiMail appliances provide critical email malware protection with high-performance, bi-directional mail scanning.

About the FortiMail-3000D

The FortiMail-3000D advances Fortinet’s deep experience in help to protect networks against spam, malware and other message-borne threats. Its inbound filtering engine blocks spam and malware before it can impact network performance and affect users while its outbound inspection technology prevents other anti-spam gateways from blacklisting legitimate subscribers by blocking outbound spam and malware, including mobile traffic.

The new appliance enforces secure content delivery via Identify-Based Encryption (IBE), S/MIME or TLS email encryption options and prevents accidental and intentional loss of confidential data using FortiMail predefined or customized dictionaries.

The FortiMail-3000D supports transparent mode, which enables the appliance to intercept emails without changing DNS MX records or existing email server network configurations. Like other members of the FortiMail appliance family, the FortiMail-3000D supports gateway and server modes to meet the specific email security requirements of each customer while minimizing infrastructure changes and service disruptions. FortiMail is the only email security to support transparent, gateway and server modes.

The FortiMail-3000D provides email routing, anti-spam and combined AS/AV performance in excess of 1.6 million messages per hour.

About the FortiMail-200D

The FortiMail-200D email security appliance delivers the complete feature set of the FortiMail product family in a convenient rack mountable form factor, making it ideal for remote office/branch office (ROBO) deployments. The appliance inspects more than 170,000 emails per hour, delivering a powerful message security solution for smaller remote sites.

Like other members of the FortiMail product family, the FortiMail-200D features flexible deployment options (Transparent, Gateway and Server) that enable the system to adapt to organizational needs and budget while minimizing infrastructure modifications and service disruptions.

Featuring a specialized MTA engine, the FortiMail-200D delivers high peak capacity, intelligent routing, QoS, virtualization and inbound and outbound SMTP routing for maximum messaging performance.

In addition to providing Identity Based Encryption as a standard feature, the system offers an integrated logging and reporting engine that enables visibility into messaging usage, quarantine statistics and other key management information.

Like the FortiMail-3000D, the FortiMail-200D is available via device-based licensing that ensures organizations can grow their secure messaging deployments without incurring costly user-based licensing fees.

“Whether you’re a service provider or an enterprise, email security are critical to customer satisfaction and organizational productivity,” said John Maddison, vice president of marketing for Fortinet. “That’s why the introduction of FortiMail 5.0 and our new FortiMail email security marks a key milestone. Service providers looking for value-added secure messaging services can capitalize on the tremendous deployment versatility offered by our new FortiMail products. And enterprises can take a major step forward in securing their messaging infrastructure with minimal disruption and cost.”


The FortiMail 5.0 OS is now available as a free update to all existing customers with a valid support contract. The FortiMail-3000D and FortiMail-200D appliances are generally available.

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